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Reading So Hard I Got Paper Cuts

A couple of years back you may have seen the hilarious parody of Jay Z and Kanye West called B*tches in Bookshops (see below) that was written and performed by La Shea Delaney and Annabelle Quezada. Now the pair are … Continue reading

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Supplementary Banksy

After his controversial residency in NYC last Autumn and a rejuvenating sabbatical in the Seycelles , Banksy has surfaced with two new and very different pieces. The first appeard in Cheltenham, England (coincidentally near the British Government Communications HQ) depicting … Continue reading

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Around the World (by coffees)

I’m hopelessly strung out on coffee, but I can live with the shame. However, when I’m traveling, I sometimes find myself at a loss on the correct way to order a cup of joe. And when it comes to ordering … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Reading Device

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Metro Maps Harmonized

  Belgrade-born, Paris-based architect and map designer Jug Cerovic has created a brilliant system called !NAT which harmonizes transport network maps from around the world with unifying principles. Cerovic’s clever maps are easy to read and navigate, with crowded city … Continue reading

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Don’t Be One (possibly nsfw)

We’ve shared some clever public transit poster campaigns from around the world that aim to diminish anti-social behaviors which can put a damper on riding public transportation. The folks at the Poke in the UK have taken the concept to … Continue reading

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The Goldfinch

London-based street artist ATM has created a moving series of wall paintings around the British capital depicting once common birds that are now endangered or missing in Britain.  

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Back In Business

To promote its re-opening on Saturday, the Parc Zoologique de Paris placed these faux animal crates near popular city landmarks and tourist sites. The zoo, which has been closed for extensive renovations, is situated in the Bois de Vincennes in … Continue reading

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More Mischief

  Recently we featured artist Etienne Lavie’s cheeky OMG Who Stole My Ad? project in which he surreptitiously replaced public advertising in Paris ¬†with images of classical paintings. Now he’s moved on to Milan with more of the same mischief.

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Tokyo Reversed

I don’t know if I would have the patience or discipline to watch the entire 9 hour version of Tokyo Reverse, but the 5 minute trailer is captivating. The clip is a preview for an amazing film that aired on … Continue reading

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