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No papers, No problem

Düsseldorf-based, Polish-born photographer Josef Schultz traveled throughout Europe for years documenting abandoned passport control points, border posts and military check points. In his resulting series “Übergang”, Schultz digitally manipulated the landscape by removing commercial signage and by subtly blurring the … Continue reading

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From Dawn to Dusk

Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei has created a series of short animated gifs, which compress a full day — from dawn to dusk — into a single, looped gif. Shot from the same position at various time of the day, overlooking … Continue reading

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Snippets of Europe

Illustrator, teacher and Fulbright scholar Emma Fick has created a marvelous digital sketchbook of her life and travels in Europe. “Snippets” is a charming, whimsical and introspective pictorial journal of observations of European culture and life on the road from … Continue reading

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It Takes A Train (station)

Much to the annoyance of my traveling companions, I love a good train station. Long lay-overs in train trips are just another opportunity to hang-out and explore a great station. Apparently, photographer Yannick Wegner feels the same way. His artful … Continue reading

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Beautiful Poland

H/T to our old friend Ula Wolodkowicz for this wonderful aerial tour of beautiful Poland. If you’ve had doubts about ever visiting Poland, this should be the tipping point. The video—via Nokia air copter—is by Artur Gajdzinski of ArtCamBiz.

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Sarajevo: Rescue and Revival

On January 15th in Sarajevo, a new library opened to the public :  the reborn Gazi Husrev Bey Library which is home to a priceless collection of rare books and manuscripts dating from 1106. The original library was established in 1537 … Continue reading

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Travel is for the birds

This year Airbnb seems to have been in the news constantly for one legal battle or another. But this wonderful Airbnb campaign called Birdbnb is all about the joy, art and serendipity of travel. Comparing travelers to birds, the project commissioned … Continue reading

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Don’t Drink the Water

Amsterdam is commemorating the 400th anniversary of its iconic canals by selling souvenir sets of Amsterdam Canal Aqua. The four bottle set, which retails for €50, is filled from the Singel, Prinsengracht, Herengracht and Keizersgracht. Each bottle is labeled with … Continue reading

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A Byegone Sense of Place

Launched just about a year ago, Wildsam Field Guides travel series just released its new San Francisco edition. Joining Nashville and Austin editions, this terrific travel guidebook is rich in local lore, city heritage, wonderful illustrations—like artist Lisa Congdon‘s Golden … Continue reading

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Forget the London Eye

When we think of giant wheels, most of us go to the giant London Eye, or even the historic Prater wheel in Vienna. But each winter hundreds of thousands of Parisians and tourists ride the Grande Roue de Paris on … Continue reading

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