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At least it’s close to the airport

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, albeit inconveniently located, unique place to stay in New York City this may be the ticket. What do you think about staying at a floating, sustainable hotel made from repurposed truck parts sound? Designed by architects … Continue reading

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Chew On This

In the course of my travels, I’ve seen all kinds of hotel and hostel promotional giveaways and handouts. The typical items are postcards, imprinted pens, local maps and even branded bottles of water, but the Kokopelli Backpacker Hostel has topped … Continue reading

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Heat Mapping Hotels

With hundreds of online sites and apps for booking hotels and travel accommodations, travelers these days may be experiencing information overload. Now the hotel and flight booking site Hipmunk is providing a very useful hotel finding tool called the “Heat … Continue reading

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feel free to light up

Pity the poor cigarette smoker trying to book a hotel room these days. With more and more hotels around the world going smoke-free, it’s getting to be a drag for inveterate smokers to locate a smoking room. Well now there’s … Continue reading

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Travel is for the birds

This year Airbnb seems to have been in the news constantly for one legal battle or another. But this wonderful Airbnb campaign called Birdbnb is all about the joy, art and serendipity of travel. Comparing travelers to birds, the project commissioned … Continue reading

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What’s On Your Wall

This time of the year many of us receive corporate calendars as holiday “gifts”. Most are pretty humdrum and unexceptional, but this year the uber hip U.S. hotel chain The Standard has managed to shake things up a bit with an unorthodox … Continue reading

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Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Behomm is the first home exchange website created specifically for the creative community. Developed by Barcelona-based artists Agust Juste and Eva Calduch, Behomm is an invitation only vacation home exchange for creative types. The site allows two parties to swap … Continue reading

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I Want The Space Shuttle

Situated in a former industrial warehouse building, Bonn Germany’s BaseCamp Young Hostel is a very clever campground with a twist. The hostel consists of a group of rehabbed, quirky, vintage camping trailers and rail cars. The units are arranged in a … Continue reading

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Hold That Review

Do you post hotel and restaurant reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp? Do you ever worry about retribution from the businesses for a negative review? It may be time to reconsider that angry post on shoddy service or … Continue reading

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Hotel Security

A newly hatched UK thinktank plan to turn historic, old prisons into high-end boutique hotels may be taking hotel security a bit too far. The project would reinvent famous slammers such as London’s Wormwood Scrubs, Petonville, Dartmoor and the 400 … Continue reading

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