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What Do All Cities Have In Common

Does it sometimes seem like every city that you visit is pretty much the same? The run-of-the-mill shops, the stereotypical coffee bars, the standard hipster district, and the ubiquitous food trucks can be found every where you go. Well, London-based architect … Continue reading

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Travel The World Underground

The New York City-based collective ArtCodeData has created a marvelous mash-up map covering 214 international metro/subway systems. The fanciful map represents 791 real lines, 11,924 stations, 214 urban centers, on 5 continents all connected in a single map. The project … Continue reading

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Whiskey War

Since 1933, Canada and Denmark have been waging a quiet cold war over a desolate island in the far Arctic—really. The grim, barren 1.2 square kilometer rock has no apparent resources or value. But Hans Island is situated smack in … Continue reading

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Cartographic Illusions

“Civilized Landscapes” is an amazing series of paper sculptures by Beijing-based artist/photographer/printmaker Ji Zhou. He recycles old books and maps by hand-sculpting imaginary topographic landscapes.

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Are We There Yet ?

Way back in 2015, a neat old map detailing how long it took to travel from London to diverse destinations in 1914 was all over the internet. Now, the helpful Australian travel search engine Rome2rio has created a companion map … Continue reading

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Another Year Immersed in Biblichor

Here we are again at the end of another year. It’s a time for stock taking, both literal and metaphorical. Regular followers of Travel Between The Pages may be aware that in real life I am a bookseller. At this … Continue reading

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We’ll Always Have Paris

This wonderful compilation combines some of the oldest film footage shot in Paris between 1877 and 1900, with contemporary video. Created by Yestervid, it also places each location on a map of the city.

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All Roads Lead To Rome

A team of intrepid data visualizers at the Stuttgart-based urban design lab Moovel Lab decided to test the ancient maxim : All roads lead to Rome. Using open-source digital maps, they layered a grid of cells on a map of … Continue reading

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Walking Paris

We have recently seen the clever annotation of maps for the London Underground and the New York City subway system that indicate walking times between transit stations. Now, Paris transit planner Guillaume Martinetti has created a similar map using information from … Continue reading

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A Book Is A Ticket To Ride

In an effort to encourage more people to read, Brazilian publisher L & PM Pocket gave away a collection of paperback books that doubled as subway tickets for the São Paolo transit system. The ten different titles, ranging from Sherlock … Continue reading

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