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New York Noir

Geoff Tompkinson is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and videographer who specializes in timelapse and hyperlapse videos. He has created stunning films in locals as diverse as Istanbul, Venice and the U.S.. His newest work is a stylish video called “New … Continue reading

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Paris 1900 – 2014

The clever folk at the website Golem 13 have created a marvelous set of photomontages that marry images from vintage Paris postcards with the same contemporary scenes photographed last month. You can see the complete series of images here. all … Continue reading

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Travel Is More Than Seeing Sights

To celebrate their 25th anniversary in the travel biz, Australia’s Intrepid Travel commissioned a moving film titled “Travel Is More Than The Seeing of Sights”. The wonderful little video was filmed over the course of 1 ½ years in 12 different … Continue reading

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No papers, No problem

Düsseldorf-based, Polish-born photographer Josef Schultz traveled throughout Europe for years documenting abandoned passport control points, border posts and military check points. In his resulting series “Übergang”, Schultz digitally manipulated the landscape by removing commercial signage and by subtly blurring the … Continue reading

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Bring Your Own Popcorn

On the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, just outside of the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, hidden at the base of a desert mountain range, sits an odd sight : hundreds of seats for an outdoor movie theater. … Continue reading

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New Zealand is Magical

Last Spring California photographer/filmmaker Shawn Reeder spent three months gallivanting around New Zealand in a camper van. He took more than 150,000 still images and used them to produce this awesome timelapse video of his magical adventure.

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From Dawn to Dusk

Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei has created a series of short animated gifs, which compress a full day — from dawn to dusk — into a single, looped gif. Shot from the same position at various time of the day, overlooking … Continue reading

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Just Another Mandala Monday

The 12th century City of Temples complex of Angkor Wat in northwest Cambodia constitutes the largest extant ancient religious complex in the world. Today the Angkor Archeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a tourist magnet drawing nearly a … Continue reading

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We Share Their Grief

This March 11th will mark the 10th anniversary of the horrendous Madrid train bombings in which 192 innocent people from 17 different nations were murdered by terrorists. Paris-based, Italian photographer Ciro Prota has organized a moving photographic memorial book to … Continue reading

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Winter in Trondheim

I once had the immense pleasure of spending a joyous Midsummer’s Night on a mountain above the northern Norwegian city of Trondheim. I never really considered visiting during the winter, that is until I saw this wonderful film from the … Continue reading

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