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Airport Art (Part II)

New York -based graphic artist Lauren O’Neil has discovered a novel way to turn the banality of airport design into art. Aggregating Google Maps images of airports from around the world on her blog Holding Patterns, O’Neil helps to make … Continue reading

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Save the Internet

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Been There

If you’ve been searching for a simple way to keep track of your peregrinations, the free iOS app Been, created by Martin Johannesson, is an elegant way to record visits to U.S. states and nations around the world. The app … Continue reading

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Drone Day Tuesday

If you can’t travel this summer, you can at least take brief mini-vacations thanks to some very talented drone-operating videographers.

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Can You Trust Talking Statues

Talking Statues is a new project from the non-profit group Sing London, which aims to lift public spirits by giving famous statues a voice. For the next year, thirty-five prominent bronze or stone statues in London and Manchester will be … Continue reading

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Tom Hanks Built You An App

Tom Hanks—yes that Tom Hanks—is well known for his enduring affection for the humble typewriter. Now he has gone and created an iPad app called Hanx Writer that resuscitates the old school manual typewriter experience. The free app provides the … Continue reading

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Gifs Go Wild

The prankster street art duo known as In Return (aka Guus ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier) have taken their latest project to the streets of London. “Gifs Go Wild” consists of framed animated installations attached to bus stops, light poles, … Continue reading

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Stockholm’s Neoteric Travel Guide

Stockholm’s popular cab company Taxi Stockholm has created a website for visitors that aims to offer a novel approach to the city travel guide. Taxi Trails uses data from thousands of cab trips to highlight spots where people are actually … Continue reading

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Art Appreciation 101

After listening to the world news I needed a good laugh. So many thanks to TBTP reader Vernon Coram for the link to Scorpion Dagger. James Kerr, the artist wiz kid behind the blog, reworks Renaissance paintings into hilarious, irreverent, … Continue reading

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Is Everyone Writing A Novel ?

New York City-based artist, writer and composer Cory Arcangel started an innocuous Twitter feed called “Working On My Novel” two years ago. Using only retweets of the phrase, Arcangel has just published a book which pulls together a curated selection … Continue reading

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