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Some Tourist Advice Is Timeless

H/t to the Public Domain Review for this marvelous 19th century book of advice for visitors to London. Sadly, The London Guide to Stranger’s Safeguard against the Cheats, Swindlers and Pickpockets (1819) still offers some sage counsel for travelers today. … Continue reading

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Monday is majorly miscellaneous

French Lessons What comes Afterglobe ? Isn’t a great bookstore worth traveling for ? See if these inspire. Venice is a time machine. Do you know the French Raymond Chandler ? If you can’t reach me, I’ll be spending the … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Alternatives

This guest post is from Rotterdam resident and blogger Michael Afanasyev. You can follow Michael at his own blog Small European Country Amsterdam alternatives Every major tourist destination has the “big ones”, the things everybody wants to see – like … Continue reading

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One City in Five Hours

I was looking for city maps for an upcoming Canada trip when I stumbled across a witty and entertaining series of hand-drawn maps with mini-guides. Each of the two dozen or so “One City, Five Hours” guides was illustrated by … Continue reading

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Never Enough Guide Books

Citi x 60 is a clever new travel guide series featuring curated entries on local attractions, architecture, food, apps, accommodations and more by 60 local creative types. The initial books in the series, from Hong Kong-based publisher Viction:ary , cover New … Continue reading

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Faces of Paris

The Pantheon is not one of my favorite Paris attractions, but French artist  JR may have changed my opinion with his recently installed series of massive collages there in which his signature black and white portraits of everyday people have … Continue reading

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My friends and I were couchsurfing long before the term was coined—we just called it crashing. But it’s exciting to see how the internet has made it possible for people to people connections throughout the world. Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s … Continue reading

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Bloomsbury, Soho & South Kensington

The American fashion retailer J Crew has recently celebrated the addition of three London shops—including a flagship Regent Street store—by teaming with the ultra-hip Wildsam Field Guide publishers (see TBTP 12/8/13) to produce co-branded travel guide books for three London neighborhoods. … Continue reading

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Passion for Postcards

The Boston Public Library has uploaded more than 90,000 images to their Flickr page in 380 different sets. One of my favorites is a wonderful, nostalgic collections of over 25,000 postcards of U.S. sites. The linen textured, colored postcards were … Continue reading

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Holiday Renascence

Published between 1946 and 1977, Holiday was a trendy U.S. travel magazine popular for innovative lay-outs, exciting photography and well-written stories. Now, after 37 years, Holiday is back as a bi-annual periodical. The new Paris-based publication aims to “capture the … Continue reading

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