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A Terminal, Not A Station

On February 1, 1913, more than 150,000 curious New Yorkers crowded into the new Grand Central Terminal to gape at the city’s revolutionary transportation hub. Situated in the heart of Manhattan at Park Avenue and 42nd Street, the marvel of … Continue reading

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Journey Through the Seasons

Norwegian NRK broadcaster and filmmaker Eirik Solheim created a series of entrancing videos based on trips on Norway’s Nordlandsbanen, the nation’s northernmost railway. This 800km-long railway, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, links the fabulous city of Trondheim … Continue reading

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Inherent Vice Indeed

While trolling the net for more information on Thomas Pynchon‘s upcoming title The Bleeding Edge, I ran across a brief interview with director Paul Thomas Anderson regarding his work on the film version of Inherent Vice. Anderson describes his film of Pynchon’s novel as … Continue reading

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San Antonio, Texas Judge Nelson Wolff is a bibliophile with a surprising mission. Even though he owns an extensive personal library, with more than 1,000 collectible first editions, the Bevar County judge and library board chair has been the torchbearer … Continue reading

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Who needs the Guggenheim?

Who needs the Guggenheim ? And who says that math is boring? Certainly not the creative folks at New York City’s newest museum. Opened to the public on December 15, 2012, the National Museum of Mathematics, in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, is … Continue reading

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Nothing Beats A Good Book

Pundits have been writing obituaries for print books and libraries for years. But a recent study by the Pew Foundation suggests that even as e-readers proliferate print books and libraries remain popular in the United States. This neat infographic demonstrates … Continue reading

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Please Come to Boston (and dance)

This guest post is from Gabrielle Schaffner, Executive Director of the Fort Point Arts Community in Boston. Dance Spot is an interactive public art piece that transforms the sidewalks of Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood into colorful dance floors. A series … Continue reading

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Are You Having A Laugh

The British Transport Police call it “vandalism” and “a blight on our society”, but some merry pranksters are bringing a chuckle to Tube riders throughout London. Observant commuters and visitors alike have been noting an uptick in cleverly designed and … Continue reading

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A book must be the axe…

Some unoriginal thoughts after reading The Age of Miracles… “’I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us. If the book we’re reading doesn’t wake us up with a blow on the head, … Continue reading

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How They Do That

Do you ever pass some amazing street art and wonder how it was created? Well, even if you never thought about it, here are some examples of amazing street art that has been popping-up around the globe in recent months. … Continue reading

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