Teahouse with Laserbeams


The Japanese artist who goes by the enigmatic name of Segawa Thirty Seven turns classic woodblock prints and paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries into amusing animated gifs. The addition of trains, spaceships, kites, lasers and flying objects bring the static works to life.





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Think Globally, Read Locally


Longmont Colorado financial planner and author Ron Vejrostek found himself frustrated by the lack of opportunities for local writers to market their books, so he opened his own bookshop. But what makes Local Editions special is its policy of only selling books by Colorado authors. Vejrostek has also committed to giving authors 70% of the sale price for their books. The bookshop had its grand opening last Saturday with just 130 titles. With its location just next door to Boulder, I don’t think Local Editions will have any problem attracting regional authors or customers.

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Book and Bed


Beginning next month, book lovers who visit Tokyo will have a very special place to stay. The Book and Bed Hotel, which is located in the Toshima district, comes fully stocked with thousands of books provided by Shibuya Publishing Booksellers and even has sleeping nooks built into bookshelves.



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Offworld Vacations


Chicago-based graphic designer Justin Van Genderen has created a wonderful series of minimalist posters that imagine Star Wars planets as travel destinations.






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Mapping the Wild Things


The late American artist and illustrator David McLimans published widely in periodicals as varied as The Atlantic, Washington Post and New York Times, and was awarded a Caldecott Medal for his children’s book Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet. I especially like his series of map collages featuring animals and insects.






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Writing Lessons From William S. Burroughs


Back in 1979, William S. Burroughs taught a writing course for Boulder Colorado’s Naropa University. Thanks to the magic of YouTube we can all learn the secrets of the Beat icon. The three part video series covers Burroughs’s views on writing techniques, science fiction, the occult, neuroscience, cloning, and authors as varied as Paul Bowles, Joseph Conrad, Carson McCullers, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Stephen King.

h/t to Dangerous Minds

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Are You An Honest Book Buyer


Last month a new concept in bookselling was launched in Nanjing, China. Located in a popular square in the city’s Baixia district, the “Honesty Bookshop” operates without a cashier or onsite staff, because customers pay for their purchases by dropping cash into a lockbox. With just 1,500 titles to start, the bookshop is an experiment in bookselling. But the project’s organizer reported that he sold more than 300 books on the first day alone and that patrons paid the posted prices for each title. I have my doubts that this model would fly in the U.S.; maybe someplace like Iceland or Finland would work.


h/t to Maggie Wong for the story

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What Makes It Noir ?

Melanie Patrick and Adam Frost have created this marvelous infographic to answer that question about film.


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Bookmark This


images © Case


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Don’t Call Me A Coffee Snob

I take my coffee seriously, but not to the level of the folks at the Specialty Coffee Association of America. The SCAA has been setting standards for the U.S. coffee market for the past three decades and offers guidance for both coffee professionals and the recreational drinker on defining precise coffee tasting terminology.

The other day, I spotted a copy of the SCAA’s official “Flavor Wheel” on the wall of the fantastic Reykjavik Roasters in Iceland’s capital. Now I can be even more pedantic when describing my favorite cup of joe.


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