Luminous Words


If you are strolling the High Line in NYC during the next month or two, you may want to take step off for a short detour to visit the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in Chelsea for a fantastic new exhibition. Luminous Words showcases the wonderful book art by Seoul-based artist Airan Kang. Her radiant digital lighting books and photorealistic paintings of books with LED marquees paintings explore the ontology and evolution of the book as a source of intellectual illumination in our digital age.










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Choose Your Route


Back in the day, the only way for most folks to travel long distances in the U.S. was by bus. Most of the regional bus companies have disappeared due to the ease and affordability of air travel and the near universal auto ownership in the States. But for nearly a century the Jefferson Lines has been transporting travelers across the Midwest. From Kansas City to Minneapolis and from Fargo to Billings, the Jefferson Lines has provided efficient, inexpensive and comfortable travel options.

Not long ago, the company commissioned a wonderful series of retro-styled travel posters to celebrate some of their popular scenic routes. I hope that they’re going to cover the rest of the system, because these graphic route maps are just terrific.






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London Underground


The mind-boggling short video below is a visualization of 562,145 journeys on London’s Underground network.

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How are tourists like fish ?


Guide book author/travel show host/tourism consultant Doug Lansky gave a thought provoking TED Talk in Stockholm on the sad state of travel today. Much of his critique was spot on—though a tad elitist. As a former guide book writer, I really liked his suggestion to “travel like a guide book writer, not a guide book reader”. What’s your take?

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Here Be Monsters


TeleGeography’s newly updated “Submarine Cable Map” is a wonderful tribute to the Golden Age of mapmaking incorporating historical elements of Medieval and Renaissance cartography. The fantastic map, which details 299 undersea communication cables, brings back a lost aesthetic of whimsical and fanciful details that once embellished European maps.



Whether you are a cartography geek, or just interested in the in the mechanics of digital communication technology, you will want to visit the TeleGeography site to check out the interactive version of this cool map. If you are really into it, there’s a beautiful print of the map for sale too.


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Happy St Patrick’s Day


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Cape Town-based artist Barbara Wildenboer crafts dynamic sculptural works by flaying and dissecting discarded books creating a new narrative form. Slicing, folding, cutting, and gluing, Wildenboer reconceptualizes the abandoned encyclopedias and textbooks as art objects.







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Manhattan by Subway



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One Night of Awesome


Last month, street artist Sofles created an incredible project called “Graffiti Mapping” for the Melbourne White Night Festival. Using a combination of 3D video mapping, traditional street mural art techniques and graffiti, he explored the intersection of art and digital technology. Sadly, the project lasted for only one night, but we can get a taste in this amazing video below.

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Better a book than a green beer


Continuing an annual tradition of celebrating Irish Literature on St Patrick’s Day for the fifth year, the Irish Arts Center of New York City will be handing out thousands of free books to school children and commuters. Volunteers will distribute copies of works by Wilde, Joyce, Yeats, and also contemporary Irish writers at transit hubs throughout the five boroughs. Information and the exact location of giveaway spots can be found on the Center’s website.


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