Every Night for A Moment


Last month we shared a story on designer Daan Roosegaarde’s wonderful solar powered bike path in the Netherlands. Now he has worked his magic with a stunning installation at Amsterdam’s historic Central Station. Developed in collaboration with scientists from the University of Leiden, the beautiful light display uses liquid crystal technology to project a vibrant, multicolored visualization across the station’s east façade windows.

The installation marks the 125th anniversary the Central Station and UESCO’s International Year of Light 2015. The light show will be visible for the entire year, but only for a moment an hour after sunset each evening.







images © Studio Roosegaarde

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All mimsy were ye borogoves

In support of a fundraising campaign for the international charity group Worldbuilders , the ever popular author Neil Gaiman agreed to perform an iconic piece of children’s literature. The overwhelming choice was Lewis Carroll’s whimsical, wacky nonsense poem “Jabberwocky”.


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London on a Sugar High


Most visitors to London are interested in historic pubs, trendy bars or hipster coffeehouses, but for those seeking a sugar high head over to the new Cereal Killer Café. Located on brick lane in uber hip Shoreditch, the brand new enterprise offers 120 cereals from around the world, with 20 topping choices and 30 kinds of milk.


Launched by twin brothers Alan and Gary Keery, Irish-born cereologists, the café also has cereal inspired pastries and coffee, and of course the décor is 20th century retro pop culture memorabilia.

We had a similar Seinfeld-inspired café in Philadelphia called Cereology a while back, but it seems that around here most folks want to do their cereal eating at home.






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Paris Underground


Spanish artist Pablo Valbuena took advantage of the ongoing renovations at Paris’ historic Gare d”Austerlitz train station to create this very impressive sound and light installation. The “Kinematope” covers more than half a kilometer of the underground construction site with a constantly shifting cascade of light for an eerie sci-fi effect.


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Give A Book This Christmas


Bloomsbury Publishing—whose authors include Neil Gaiman, J.K. Rowling and Khaled Hosseini—produced this little video to remind folks of the power of reading and the importance of great writing in our lives.

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Two Lands


In September, I spent two weeks in Alaska hoping for a peek at the aurora borealis. After staying up late (I mean really late) every night, not a glimmer. So, I guess I’ll have to settle for fantastic videos like “Two Lands—Greenland/Iceland”. Photographer Joe Capra spent 4 days shooting in Iceland and 6 days in the bitter cold of Greenland to get the astonishing footage for this spectacular time-lapse video.

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Gone Underground


Photographer François Sola has created a very cool series of minimally animated gifs based on the concept of the cinegraph, where a detailis given repetitive motion. “Metrologif” captures tiny moments on the Lyon, France Metro.










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Adventures in going nowhere


It may be surprising to discover that the renowned travel writer Pico Iyer thinks that sitting quietly in a room might be the ultimate travel adventure. In his recently released book The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere Iyer looks at mindful ways to experience life and travel. This video of his TED Talk about the book explores how Iyer sees technology leading us to seek spaces for retreat and contemplation. It’s worth 15 minutes of your time before your next trip.

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Christmas in Vienna


I have only visited Vienna during warm weather months, but this stunning time-lapse video created by Vienna-based FilmSpektakel has me planning a Christmastime trip. The gorgeous short was filmed using a clever apparatus which placed a snow globe in front of the camera lens.






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Take a kid to a bookstore (please)


Tomorrow is the Fifth Annual Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day. More than 750 bookshops in all of the 50 U.S. States, plus bookstores in 7 Canadian Provinces, Germany, the UK and Australia, will be hosting special events to celebrate books and reading. Activities run the gamut from readings by children’s book authors to puppet shows and concerts. So, take a kid—it doesn’t need to be your own—to a bookstore and support literacy in your community. Check the project’s website for a bookstore near you.


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