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Eurostyle Urban Hacktivism

Self-described “urban hacktivist” Florian Rivière from Strasbourg has come up with a foolproof method for crossing busy European streets. His portable crosswalk would have come in handy last week in Madrid. Check-out his website for more of his tongue-in-cheek inventions and … Continue reading

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The Last Train to Urville

Urville is the little known capital city of a seaside province of France. It has a population of almost 12 million citizens and is the largest city in Europe. Starting to wonder why you’ve never heard of Urville ? That’s because … Continue reading

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Would You Visit Napoleonland

In a baffling bid to increase tourism to France, Yves Jégo, Mayor of Montereau and Deputy from the Parti Radical, has announced plans to raise funding for a new French theme park dedicated entirely to Napoleon Bonaparte. Mayor Jégo suggests … Continue reading

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Ikea Underground

This past week, the international, flat-pack furniture mega-store chain Ikea installed a fully furnished apartment in the Paris Auber RER underground station. Five “roommates” were recruited to live the underground life Ikea-style for six days while demonstrating the functionality and ingenuity of Ikea’s space-saving design … Continue reading

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Pssst…French Books

  The Grolier Club of New York City has fostered interest in, and support for, book arts for more than 125 years. It also offers regular exhibitions, displays, lectures and publications on publishing, printing, libraries, book art and the book … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget

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Salon Du Chocolat

Every Fall Paris attracts serious chocoholics for the annual Salon Du Chocolat at France’s largest exhibition center, the Porte de Versailles. The delecious show covers the world of chocolate from the cocoa bean growers based in Africa and South America … Continue reading

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French Wines by Metro

I may not be an oenophile, in fact I don’t know a quality Beaujolais from Thunderbird, but I do know a cool map when I see one. Designed by David Gissen, the Metro Wine Map harkens back to Harry Beck‘s … Continue reading

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Is It Map Week ?

Naw, it’s not map week, but maps are… A schedule containing a description of the world, A representation of the whole globe of the earth, or of some particular country upon a plan, or plain superficies. A representation of the … Continue reading

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The glorious Fra Mauro Mappamundi was created between 1458 and 1459 by the Venetian monk/cartographer/sailor/explorer/adventurer Fra Mauro. The map was commissioned by Portugal’s King Alfonso V and produced at the Camaldolese Monastery of Saint Michael on the Venetian lagoon island … Continue reading

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