We ♥ New York City

The original I ❤️NY campaign was launched in 1977 to encourage New York City tourism and to reinvigorate community pride. The iconic logo, which has graced everything from T-shirts to billboards, was created by the iconic graphic designer Milton Glaser. And after more than four decades of serving its initial purpose, the motif has now been revised to “We ❤️NYC”

A significant component of the rebranding involves a civic engagement initiative by the city—dubbed ‘Spread Love NYC’—which aims to spur New Yorkers to take part in bite-sized, one-hour or longer-term volunteer projects that can help uplift communities.

Graham Clifford, the designer and art director behind the new logo, told the New York Times the idea was to “give it more of a modern twist.” This is not the first time the “I ❤️ NY” has been recycled. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Glaser adapted his design into “I ❤️ NY MORE THAN EVER.”



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