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New York Is A Trip

German film student Lena Steinkühler created the trippy little film below entitled “New York Biotopes”. It is a phantasmagoric take on how NYC might look if the infastructure began randomly morphing into surrealistic creatures—part organic and part mechanical. Take a … Continue reading

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Watch Where You Walk

When we travel, it’s easy to overlook the quotidian elements of local infrastructure, such as the lowly manhole cover. But visitors to Japan who watch where they walk are treated to a veritable art show. Japanese manhole covers once looked … Continue reading

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It’s a Small World After All

Melbourne Australia-based photographer Ben Thomas has been official dubbed Cityshrinker™ , in fact he has trademarked the title. Thomas earned the sobriquet after circumnavigating the globe to apply his personal take on tilt-shift photography to renowned cities and popular locations. His … Continue reading

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A Game of Covers

Publishing house HarperCollins is planning to release a series of classic fantasy and sci-fi titles for its Voyager list with beautifully updated cloth-bound decorative covers. Designed by London-based illustrator Clare Skeats, the eight books are scheduled for March release. HarperCollins … Continue reading

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Neon Valentine

Throughout the month of February, London-based artist Tracey Emin is warming the hearts of visitors to New York City’s chilly Times Square with her romanticaly themed project “I Promise to Love You”. Every night from 11:57 until midnight, forty large … Continue reading

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Year of Munch

VisitNorway’s newest marketing campaign celebrates the 150th anniversay of Edvard Munch‘s birth with a unique contest. Travelers can participate in the “Year of Munch” by uploading their personal “scream experience” video on the VisitNorway website during the month of February. … Continue reading

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New Use For Bookshelves

Empty bookshelves become the perfect backdrop for visual projections in this new music video from the House music duo Baarrengaard & Briem. The video for the song “Love With You” was created by Icelandic visual artist Harald Haroldsson.

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City of Light

Paris is often referred to as la ville lumière or the city of light. Paris-based freelance designer and photographer Clémentine Tantet decided to take that notion about the luminous city a step further and represent the Paris Metro map in … Continue reading

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High Art

Travelers flying on Virgin Atlantic between New York and London this month are being treated to the world’s first transatlantic, commercial art gallery. The “Gallery in the Air” is operating from February 1 through the 28th and is exclusively showing … Continue reading

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Under the Acropolis

The Monastiraki neighborhood located in the heart of Athens beneath the Acropolis has been hard hit by the Greek economic crisis. But the art and design group beforelight has collaborated with local residents and businesses to transform the dark and … Continue reading

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