Through me forbidden voices

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, illustrator Rockwell Kent


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Banksy is back in the Big Apple

Love him or hate him, the world’s most notorious street artist always manages to keep his brand alive with timely pieces. Banksy is apparently back in New York City this week with his trademark Rat. The famous rodent is now adorning a clock face on a former bank building at 14th street and 6th avenue in Manhattan. But catch it while you can because the entire structure is due for demolition any day now.

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Death Before Decaf

As a life-long coffee addict and devoted aficianado, I was thrilled to get turned-on to a periodical that is “about coffee, the people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit.” Drift magazine is all about the joys of wandering great cities, learning about the local cultures, and using coffee to chart the urban geography of places. Who could ask for more?

The New York City-based, coffee-centric, travel magazine comes out twice annually in January and September. You can find it in many bookstores, or you can subscribe online right here.

The most recent issue, Volume 6, focuses exclusively on Mexico City. Previous versions have profiled coffee culture in Stockholm, Havana, Tokyo, New York City, and Melbourne.

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Only Slightly Exaggerated

I love a clever travel promotional campaign or film. Travel Oregon has made a wonderful anime-style promotional video called “Only Slightly Exaggerated” for their newest campaign. The short was created by Psyops and Sun Creature Studio with music by the Oregon Symphony. The animation shows typical Oregon recreational activities, such as white-water rafting, mountain biking, ballooning, boating, and riding giant rabbits through tulip fields. I dare you not to smile.

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Un Bouquiniste et Notre Dame

The last few times that I’ve been in Paris I’ve been disappointed to find that the traditional bouquinistes or booksellers along the Seine have been slowly replaced by vendors of tourist tat. This photo from 1931 by Jean Pierre Yves Petit (aka Yvon) is a souvenir of that lost world of book selling in Europe.


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Blade Runner 1968

The Folio Society, 2017, Illustrations by Chris Skinner and Andrew Archer

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All That You Need To Know About Me

A longtime follower of Travel Between The Pages recently suggested that I should do a more personal post about me so that blog readers could get a better sense of who I am. When I thought about the prospect, I found myself a little queasy. Not that I have anything to hide; I’m not a Republican or anything disgusting like that. It’s more that these days my life is rather low key and boring. I spend my time buying and selling books, doing volunteer work in my community on food insecurity, attending resistance and political  events, and traveling when I can. So, I thought this gif from the hilarious Black Books exemplifies my normal day.

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Spy vs Spy

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Why Museums Matter

Anyone who has ever traveled with me can attest to my museum obsession. I have been accused of being incapable of passing any museum without popping in for a visit. Of course these types of consuming passions all have an origin or inspiration. For me, it all began with my first visit to a serious museum When I was five years old, my Mother took me to the amazing Brooklyn Museum one Saturday morning and that was it; I was hooked for life. The wonderful video below from the PBS Digital Studios makes a stellar case for museums and why they still matter in this digital age.

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Embrace the Absurd

Word on the Street is a public art collaboration between the artist collective House of Trees and Times Square Arts. The project evolved from an exhibition of protest banners and signs from last year’s national Women’s March for resistance. The new version of Word on the Street is now up around New York City’s world famous Times Square.

Each of the art works is first fabricated by a group of female refugees based in Texas and then photographed and printed for display on pole banners and trash bins. The “Spring Edition” of Word on the Street includes pieces from renowned writers and artists, including the inimitable Laurie Anderson, A.M. Homes, Tania Bruguera, and Naomi Shihab Nye.

“Thoughts, fleeting and fragmentary – slogans, catch-phrases and images give us pause, prompt us to think (differently), re-frame the moment. These banners raise questions, entertain, provoke, they ask those passing by to engage, to respond, to stay active.”

– A.M. Homes

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