Washington D.C. : Word on the Street

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How Airports Work

When I was a young child my Grandfather had a job that took him all over the world for work. I always begged to go along to the airport to drop him off or pick him up for flights. The big attraction for me was the magic of the airport and off course the planes too. I wish that I had a book like Lonely Planet’s new title How Airports Work by Clive Gifford with wonderful illustrations by James Gulliver Handcock. I may just buy a copy for myself anyway.

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It’s Raturday

For equal time Raturday, we have Robert Browning’s 1888 version of The Pied Piper of Hamelin illustrated by Kate Greenaway. The text of the volume published by Frederick Warne and Co. was based on a 17th century English take on the 13th century German folk tale. A timely reminder to all of us to always be prepared to pay the piper.

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Bighearted Bookstore

Bank Square Books, Mystic, Conn., is responding to a recent theft in the store with an inspiring act of generosity.

On Facebook, Bank Square posted: “On Saturday, our cash drawer was robbedwhile one of our employees was taking a lunch break. We don’t keep a lot of cash on hand, but we still feel violated and upset about this act of theft.

“We love being part of Mystic and feel strongly about being a positive addition to our community. To balance out this act of negativity, we are asking that you come by our store in the next week and pick out any children’s book to purchase for a child in need. We will give you 10% off your purchase and donate all the books to shelters, schools and other organizations.

“If you want to purchase a book online, you can add ‘For a kid in need’ to the order comment and use the coupon code GOODDEED.”

If you’re anywhere near Mystic in your travels, be sure to make time to visit the bookstore and the beautiful historic seaport town.

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New York City : Word on the Street

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Bookstore Tourism: Alaska

Despite the fact that there are tens of millions of Spanish speakers and readers in the United States, there is a chronic shortage of Spanish language books and bookstores throughout the nation. New York City-based artist and educator Pablo Helguera has created a unique way to highlight the issue. Libreria Donceles is a traveling pop-up bookstore, art installation, and cultural meeting space with more than 10,000 donated Spanish language books.

The traveling bookshop/exhibition has surfaced in Boston, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, Indianapolis, and Brooklyn. Now it’s popped-up in Anchorage Alaska of all places. Sponsored by the Anchorage Museum, which is well worth a visit, the Libreria Donceles is selling low cost books and serving as a cultural center, performance and workshop space until January 2019.


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Every Book Lovers Dream

When Paul Morris was forced by ill health to retire from his beloved Bookmarks Bookshop in beautiful Cardigan, Wales, rather than sell the business he decided to raffle it off. To qualify for the prize, customers only needed to make a minimum purchase of £20. The shocked winner of the raffle, which included the bookstore and its entire stock, was Netherlands native Ceisjan van Heerden. The 30 year-old jumped at the opportunity to become the proprietor of Bookmarks and announced that he would manage the shop in partnership with a friend from Iceland. Now van Heerden and friend get to live out every bibliophile’s fantasy of running a bookstore. A big plus for them is the business location in the lovely seaside town in West Wales.

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Fall Into Autumn

One of the few unsullied pleasures left to us in the waning days of the failing American experiment is our annual Fall foliage extravaganza. In just about every corner of this once great nation, nature provides an awe-inspiring show of color, texture, and aroma.

If you are considering any seasonal foliage leaf viewing, or just aiming to spend some time in nature, this Fall Foliage Map is a great planning tool. The helpful tourism folks at Smokey Mountain Park put together a super map and website each year. Although they are based in the beautiful southeast, their map encompasses the entire country.

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European Heritage Journeys

In conjunction with European Heritage Days 2018, UNESCO has launched a new web platform solely dedicated to sustainable travel to European heritage sites. World Heritage Journeys is co-funded by the European Union and promotes sustainable travel to some of the most remarkable World Heritage sites in Europe. It encourages people to travel beyond the major tourist hubs, staying longer and experiencing more of what the local region has to offer.  This initiative is part of a new alliance formed between UNESCO and National Geographic.


World Heritage Journeys invites travelers to travel along four cultural heritage itineraries—Royal EuropeAncient EuropeRomantic Europe and Underground Europe—which intertwine to tell fascinating stories of Europe’s heritage and history. The website has practical information and tools to support travelers in planning their European holidays based on local knowledge about the destinations’ cultural heritage.

World Heritage Journeys: www.visiteuworldheritage.com

World Heritage Properties (33)


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Books for Fighters

The sign in the photo taken in Barcelona in 1938 reads “give books to fighters”. The campaign collected reading material for anti-Fascist volunteers in the Spanish Civil War.

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