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Beautiful Amsterdam

Over the years I have spent more time in Amsterdam than any other city outside of the United States. It was one of the first European cities that I visited and captured my imagination from the very first time that I arrived at the wonderful Central Station. Sometimes I arrange my flight just so I have an excuse to spend a few days in this magical place. In recent years, overtourism has put a damper on my enthusiasm, but I just try and visit out of season. The fabulous 4k timelapse below was artfully filmed  in his hometown by Albert Dros. I challenge you to view the film and not consider a trip to Amsterdam. Here’s what the filmmaker had to say about his project:

“My long awaited timelapse film about my current hometown Amsterdam is finally finished! This film consists of footage shot during a 2 year period (mostly before COVID), has all different seasons transitioning into each other and even has a lunar eclipse above the city skyline. With this timelapse film I wanted to create something unique. I wanted to create a visual experience with beauty, flow and emotion. I want locals to be proud of their city when they watch this film, and tourists wanting to visit (even more). I put this all in a film packed with little details. There’s a big ‘fun facts’ list that can all be read on a dedicated page I created. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful (and relatively little) cities in the world. Our city is not ‘spectacular’ as it does not have impressive skyscrapers and hyper modern buildings. But It’s just the whole atmosphere with our beautiful old buildings, romantic canals and everything that comes with it. I’m super excited to finally release this film and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it. For more info, gear, image galleries and fun facts, please check the whole project at http://www.timelapseamsterdam.com

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Pin the tail on the devil

“If My Enemy Is a Clown, a Natural Born Clown”


Ishmael Reed

i tore down my thoughts
roped in my nightmares
remembered a thousand curses
made blasphemous vows to demons
choked on the blood of hosts
ate my hat
threw fits in the street
got up bitchy each day
told off the mailman
lost many friends
left parties in a huff
dry fucked a dozen juke boxes
made anarchist speeches in brad
the falcon’s 55 (but was never
thrown out)
drank 10 martinis a minute
until 1 day the book was finished

my unspeakable terror between the
covers, on you i said to the
enemies of the souls

well lorca, pushkin i tried
but in this place they assassinate
you with pussy or pats on
the back, lemon chiffon between
the cheeks or 2 weeks on a mile
long beach.

i have been the only negro
on the plane 10 times this year
and its only the 2nd month

i am removing my blindfold and
leaving the dock. the judge
giggles constantly and the prosecutor
invited me to dinner

no forwarding address please

i called it pin the tail on the devil
they called it avant garde
they just can’t be serious
these big turkeys

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To be named the Westeros Railway ?

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin is purchasing a historic railway in New Mexico along with two others in the hopes of revitalizing it with entertainment options and cultural events.The rail line currently runs from Santa Fe , New Mexico to the town of Lamy and dates back to 1879, with some existing train carriages dating to the 1920s.

Martin and his partners offered several ideas for the railway’s restoration, including creating a shooting location for filmmakers.“There’s something about train travel that brings you back to a time that we assume was a simpler, more community-based time, long before the internet, before air travel, even before television,”   Catherine Oppenheimer, one of the partners making the purchase, said.


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How Book Lovers Can Help

If you are anything like me, these days you are searching for positive things that can be done. One simple, concrete action is to support indie bookstores, and especially those stores owned by people of color. Most of these valuable community institutions have already been struggling due to the pandemic. So, here’s a list of booksellers that could use your support. Check them out. Order some books or purchase gift cards.

  1. the lit bar
  2. hariett’s bookshop
  3. semicolon bookstore
  4. mahogany books
  5. uncle bobbie’s
  6. loyalty bookstore
  7. dare books
  8. listening tree books
  9. underground books
  10. multicultural bookstore
  11. pyramid books
  12. black dot bookstore
  13. brain lair books
  14. medu bookstore
  15. wild fig books and coffee
  16. frugal bookstore
  17. olive tree books
  18. detroit book city
  19. cafe con libros
  20. revolution books
  21. sisters uptown bookstore
  22. source booksellers
  23. hakim’s bookstore
  24. sankofa books and cafe
  25. turning page bookshop


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What happens to a dream deferred

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore-
And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over-
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Langston Hughes

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More Whipt Syllabub

A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
Anon [Francis Grose]
London Printed for S Hooper 1785 First Edition

Francis Grose’s ‘Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue’ was first published in 1785, and is a dictionary of slang words. Grose was one of the first lexicographers to collect slang words from all corners of society, not just from the professional underworld of pickpockets and bandits. So while ‘The Vulgar Tongue’ includes many of the words found in earlier ‘scoundrels’’ dictionaries (such as Head’s ‘Canting Academy’), it also lists a whole range of mundane slang words such as sheepish (for bashful), carrots (for red hair), or sweet (for expert, dexterous, clever). He records many rude words, such as bum fodder (for toilet paper), or double jugg (for a man’s bottom). And he includes many nicknames for food and drink – words for gin (an enormously popular drink at the time) include: blue ruin, cobblers punch, crank, diddle, frog’s wine, heart’s ease, lightening and drain.
Grose and his assistant Tom Cocking took midnight walks through London, picking up slang words in slums, drinking dens and dockyards and adding them into their ‘knowledge-box’. ‘The Vulgar Tongue’ was recognised throughout the 19th century as one of the most important collections of slang in the English language, and it would strongly influence later dictionaries of this kind.

entries include
Betwattled — to be surprised, confounded, out of one’s senses
Blind cupid — the backside
Bone box — the mouth
Brother of the quill — an author
Cackling farts – eggs
Captain queernabs — shabby ill-dressed fellow
Chimping merry — exhilarated with liquor
Comfortable importance — a wife
Dicked in the nob — silly, crazed
Dog booby — an awkward lout
Duke of limbs — a tall, awkward, ill-made fellow
Eternity box — a coffin
Head rails — teeth
Hickey — tipsy, hiccupping
Irish apricots — potatoes
Jolly nob — the head. “I’ll lump your jolly nob for you”: I’ll give you a knock on the head.
Knowledge box — another term for the head.
Kittle pitchering — to disrupt the flow of a “troublesome teller of long stories” by constantly questioning and contradicting unimportant details, especially at the start (best done in tandem with others)
Knight of the trenches — a great eater
Just-ass — a punning name for a justice [judge]
Paw paw tricks — forbidden tricks; from the French pas pas
Penny wise and pound foolish — saving in small matters, and extravagant in great
Sugar stick — the virile member
Tallywags / Whirligigs — testicles
Whipt Syllabub — a flimsy, frothy discourse
Whipster — a sharp or subtle fellow

h/t Michael Moon


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Happy Birthday Walt


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Good Companions

Frank Morgan Good Companions


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When Matter Meets Anti-Matter

Poem with No Children In It

Claire Wahmanholm

Instead, the poem is full of competent trees,
sturdy and slow-growing. The trees live on a wide
clean lawn full of adults. All night, the adults grow
older without somersaulting or spinning. They grow
old while thinking about themselves. They sleep well
and stay out late, their nerves coiled neatly inside
their grown bodies. They don’t think about children
because children were never there to begin with.
The children were not killed or stolen. This is absence,
not loss. There is a world of difference: the distance
between habitable worlds. It is the space that is
unbearable. The poem is relieved not to have to live
in it. Instead, its heart ticks perfectly unfretfully
among the trees. The children who are not in the poem
do not cast shadows or spells to make themselves
appear. When they don’t walk through the poem, time
does not bend around them. They are not black holes.
There are already so many nots in this poem, it is already
so negatively charged. The field around the poem
is summoning children and shadows and singularities
from a busy land full of breathing and mass. My non-
children are pulling children away from their own
warm worlds. They will arrive before I can stop them.
When matter meets anti-matter, it annihilates into
something new. Light. Sound. Waves and waves
of something like water. The poem’s arms are so light
they are falling upward from the body. Why are you crying?

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