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Parallel Reality Travel Is Here

This week Delta launched a personalized flight monitor, its latest tool to make airport experiences smoother. The first deployment is at Detroit’s DTW airport in the McNamara Terminal. Most air travelers frequently consult the flight information display screens; many of … Continue reading

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Omnes viae Romam ducunt

The saying: omnes viae Romam ducunt (all roads lead to Rome) began in 20 BCE when Emperor Augustus had a large golden spike installed next to the Temple of Saturn on the Forum Romanum. This was the Milliarium Aureum, or … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Uber has released its annual Lost & Found Index with interesting lists of the items that riders left behind. As you might expect, the most commonly forgotten things are obvious: phones, wallets, keys, and backpacks. The most “forgetful”  U.S. cities … Continue reading

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A Really Long Walk

Long term readers of Travel Between The Pages are likely aware that I am unabashedly a Britophile. So, of course I was gobsmacked when I stumbled upon “The Perimeter” which is a photography project by Quintin Lake based on walking … Continue reading

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Take A Virtual Vacation

Virtual Vacation is a web directory that pulls together the dozens of walking, driving, hiking and other point-of-view videos scattered across the web where people explore unique places with a camera in hand. Beware, it’s easy to fall down this … Continue reading

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A little water music

Bergen Norway is a stunningly beautiful small city with lots to offer any visitor. One morning last year the town was treated to a unique musical event that was created by the Native American composer Raven Chacon. Four ships in … Continue reading

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Amsterdam: On the Waterfront

I have been to Amsterdam more often than any other foreign city. It’s one place that I know I will never be bored. A great way to get around and to get a sense of the importance of the city’s … Continue reading

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Kyiv Forever

With all of the horrendous news coverage from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the brutal devastation of its cities and town it’s easy to forget that just a short time ago it was a normal European nation. The wonderful … Continue reading

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Travel the World With Explordle

Despite what its name might imply Explordle is not another Wordle clone at all. Instead it’s a game that offers you a videoclip shot in first person, walking around a particular place – the challenge is to guess the town … Continue reading

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In-flight Entertainment

On this date in 1925, the first in-flight film was shown on an airplane on an Imperial Airways flight. The film was The Lost World, one of the first science-fiction films. Based on a 1912 Arthur Conan Doyle novel, it … Continue reading

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