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Performance Enhancing Drugs for Writers

You may have seen Grant Snider’s terrific “Ban This Book” comic created to “celebrate” Banned Book Week this year. You might also be familiar with his brilliant “Haruki Murakami Bingo” comic which appeared in the New York Times , or … Continue reading

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Behind The Secret Door

Google Street View has made just about the whole world instantly accessible from our digital devices. We can easily locate not just urban spots, but also mindblowing wild landscapes and the hidden interiors of buildings.  Now the mesmerizing (and time … Continue reading

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a strange harmony was found

Mobstr is a cheeky London street artist who has cleverly manipulated municipal anti-graffiti crews into unwitting participation in his wall art/lit projects. In his series called “The Story”, Mobstr added a sentence to a wall and waited until it was painted over to … Continue reading

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What is Modernismo ?

Barcelona’s home-grown Art Nouveau movement known as Modernista or Modernismo dates from the late 19th century, but remains an ever-present influence in this glorious city. On my last visit, I wish that I had this inspired new map of the … Continue reading

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Get That Next Flight

If you’re anything like me, you always get to the airport way early and then start looking for earlier flights while you kill time. Well, now there’s a great new app from the folks at touchmeme that offers a handy … Continue reading

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Up In The Air (nearly)

I first discovered John Schabel’s melancholy and haunting photos years ago in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. In his series entitled “Passengers”, each evocative image was taken during that uncertain limbo that occurs when passengers have been seated in … Continue reading

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A Night in the Slammer

Nearly two years ago, the 19th-cenutry Het Arresthius prison in Roermer, Netherlands, just north of Maastricht, was been transformed into a very unusual upscale hotel. The interior was transformed with boutique hotel-chic décor, while preserving its rich history as a … Continue reading

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Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts

Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a fairytale castle or a troll’s lair? How about in the hold of an ancient boat, or in a giant wodden horse? If you have, the quirky little La Balade Des … Continue reading

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She’s No Angel

Pulp ! The Classics is a brilliant new imprint from Oldcastle Books that offers iconic novels with cleverly reimagined pulp fiction-style retro covers. The lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek cover art is currently featured on such classic titles as The Great Gatsby, Tess … Continue reading

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Literary Passports

A passport, with all of its stamps and visas, can reveal quite a bit about the bearer. How many travelers have played the where have you been game by passing passports around a train compartment or a hostel common room … Continue reading

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