A Night in the Slammer


Nearly two years ago, the 19th-cenutry Het Arresthius prison in Roermer, Netherlands, just north of Maastricht, was been transformed into a very unusual upscale hotel. The interior was transformed with boutique hotel-chic décor, while preserving its rich history as a former prison. The 150 holding cells have been repurposed as 36 luxury rooms and seven suites—four of which are distinctive suites known as The Jailer, The Lawyer, The Director (former warden’s office) and The Judge. 


Each of the rooms has a double bed, rain shower, air conditioning,  and free WiFi Hotel Het Arresthuis’s communal areas include a bar and restaurant, where the establishment jokingly assures that guests will be offered more than just water and bread.





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4 Responses to A Night in the Slammer

  1. rmedina49 says:

    A very nice prison if you ask me 🙂

  2. alisonsye says:

    How amazing is that? As long as you can actually get out again!

  3. Wow! They did such a fantastic job with the decor. I suspect some people would be happy to stay there for life.

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