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The Direction of Travel

When I ran across Christian Nolle’s terrific periodical Directions of Travel I thought that some of you other travel and map geeks might need to know about the project. Nolle’s fascination with air travel and maps began when he was … Continue reading

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Book Tunneling

I recently stumbled on the interesting video below on the history of tunnel books. Over the years, I’ve owned and sold a number of travel related 19th century tunnel books and have long been fascinated by this blend of art … Continue reading

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Taking Flight

One of the immense pleasures that the city of Philadelphia offers is its myriad of murals. Along with a prolific cadre of street artists, Philly is also home to the amazing Philadelphia Mural Arts Program which sponsors fantastic paintings all … Continue reading

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It’s Edgar Allan Poe Season

There are many excellent illustrated volumes of Edgar Allan Poe stories, but this  1944 edition with illustrations by German-American artist Fritz Eichenberg is special. Eichenberg was a German artist who emigrated to America in the 1930s; his speciality was wood … Continue reading

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Where do you find book recommendations

I don’t know about you, but I’m picky when it comes to book recommendations. It’s certainly helpful to have friends with highly developed reading tastes who make book suggestions. And of course there are the book review sections of trustworthy … Continue reading

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Death and Mayhem in National Parks

Over recent months, it seems that there has been a story about tourists in Yellowstone National Park being gored by bison, mauled by bears, bitten by wolves, or scalded by steaming pools every week. In most cases the deaths and … Continue reading

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A TV Dictionary

The TV DICTIONARY is a collaborative project with a very simple premise: each entry attempts to capture the essence of a TV series using a single word in a short video that combines the dictionary definitions of that word with … Continue reading

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Our Own Digital Voyages

Wikivoyage: is a down the rabbit hole website for anyone jonesing to travel.  It’s worth a visit the next time you’re thinking about traveling somewhere or just daydreaming about an adventure. Wikivoyage is Wikpedia but for travel, a communuty-editable database … Continue reading

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The World In Your Hand

Regular readers of Travel Between The Pages are well aware of my fascination with maps and globes. Digital cartography is wonderful, but there is nothing like an old fashioned physical map or globe. I have long been intrigued by pocket … Continue reading

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A Memorial Centennial

Way back in the antedeluvian days of the last century, I spent quite a bit of time in Washington D.C.. So much so that I eventually wrote a travel guidebook for budget travelers to the U.S. capital. During my book … Continue reading

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