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The Underground There we were in the vaulted tunnel running, You in your going-away coat speeding ahead And me, me like a fleet god gaining Upon you before you turned to a reed Or some new white flower japped with … Continue reading

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So this is a new kind of book burning

I recently read a story about a novel type of book burning. It seems that British author Jeanette Winterson was extremely disappointed in new editions of her novels that were published with cover art and blurbs that she found highly … Continue reading

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An Almost Complete Collection

I’ve been a fan of the always original science fiction works written by Philip K. Dick since I was a child. So I found the recently release Folio Society limited edition complete collection of 118 short stories intriguing. As usual, … Continue reading

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Murder on the Orient Express

This Murder on the Orient Express book sculpture was created by Thomas Wightman as promotional material for the Agatha Christie remake of the film by 20th Century Fox. The film was one of the many adaptations of the now classic Agatha … Continue reading

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Welcome to Mars

 On February 9th, the United Arab Emirates Mars Mission’s Hope Probe entered the Red Planet’s orbit. To commemorate the historic moment the UAE government has given visitors to the country a piece of space. Arrivals to Dubai airport on February … Continue reading

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Folklore Generator

British wit Michael Reeve created a handsome folklore generator, in the form of brief footnote-like references. It was inspired by The Loremen Podcast, which explores forgotten folklore and obscure local curiosities. I may be a geek, but I love playing with this … Continue reading

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Gatsby For Free

If you have been following TBTP, you are aware that an enormous tranche of  American cultural works entered the public domain on January 1, 2021. One of the real treasures that is now freely available is The Great Gatsby . … Continue reading

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Be not inhospitable to strangers

The iconic Paris bookstore Shakespeare and Company has frequently been in the news recently due to a world-wide fund raising effort to save the financially troubled landmark. You may not know that before it got its well known name the store was … Continue reading

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not all those who wander etc. etc.

If you visit TBTP on a regular basis, you are likely aware that I am a big J.R.R. Tolkien fan. I really like the style of these reissues of The Lord of the Rings trilogy published in the US by … Continue reading

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How to be at home

Director Andrea Dorfman and poet Tanya Davis teamed-up to create this wonderful short film that is very timely. Must of us need this right about now.  

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