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‘Don’t be a tourist – be an Explorist’

The folks from Denmark’s tourism marketing group Visit Denmark have cleverly brought major artworks such as the Mona Lisa, Girl With the Pearl Earring, Van Gogh’s self-portrait, and the Statue of Liberty to life using AI to encourage travelers to … Continue reading

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Translate can save the day

When I was preparing for a trip to Russia a few years ago, I made a serious effort to learn the Russian alphabet and some basic vocabulary. But from the moment we arrived at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg it … Continue reading

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My AI Tale

To say that I am ambivalent about the rush to use AI in the arts would be an understatement. In many instances it seems more like an automated plagiarism machine than cutting edge technology. However, I was game to give … Continue reading

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Help for struggling writers


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I am not a Bot (but this is)

The Latest Bot is an online magazine that is compiled fully automatically by a bot. From the choice of subjects to advertisements, to the texts and photos. No human work is involved. According to the creators, it is an experiment … Continue reading

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Summer Island

I haven’t paid much attention to the deluge of content that has been generated lately by AI machines, but something about the Summer Island project captured my attention. Summer Island is a comic, with all the artwork generated by  Midjourney AI. To … Continue reading

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Welcome to the AI Generation

It seems that each day we are introduced to yet another form of AI-generated art, literature, news, or advertising. This series of AI-generated travel posters, commissioned from research lab Midjourney for the luggage storage company Stasher, is the inevitable blend of … Continue reading

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Google Maps Proves We Are Living In A Simulation

I don’t know about you, but I seem to use Google Maps almost daily. It’s hard to imagine traveling without it any more. Now Google Maps is adding a novel way to navigate cities in the form of highly detailed … Continue reading

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Strolling Cities

Strolling Cities is a trippy project by Italian artist, designer and researcher, Mauro Martino,  that uses AI to generate visual poetry. The AI model trained with millions of photos of nine Italian cities (Milan, Como, Bergamo, Venice, Genoa, Rome, Catania, … Continue reading

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Welkom in Amsterdam 1922

Utilizing archival footage from Amsterdam’s EYE Museum and artificial intelligence,  digital artist Denis Shiryaev  created the amazing video below based on early 1920s filming in Amsterdam. The colorized images offer a rare glimpse into the city’s life before it became … Continue reading

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