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Bane of Banned Books

Banned Books Week is the national book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read. Hundreds of libraries and bookstores around the United States draw attention to the dangers of censorship by mounting displays of challenged books and hosting a … Continue reading

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Street View Ghosts

Media artist/provocateur Paolo Cirio has created a new take on street art using images of unsuspecting people captured by Google Street View. Cirio prints life-size pictures of the unidentified pedestrians and pastes the cut-outs on walls at the exact spots … Continue reading

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Land of Fire and Ice

I’ve made two brief visits to Iceland and was awestruck by the stunning landscape. But nothing that I saw compares to the mind-blowing aerial photographs of Iceland by the Russian photographer Andre Emolaev. These bird’s-eye view images of the volcanic landscape offer … Continue reading

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Just Like Driving

Even if we have the opportunity (or chore) to travel by air on a regular basis, we rarely, if ever, get this vantage point on the trip. The video below was produced by SmartWings pilot Jakub Vlk to document a … Continue reading

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Free The Museums

More than 1,400 museums and cultural institutions across the United States will be offering free admission during the eighth annual Museum Day Live! on Saturday September 29, 2012. Sponsored by the Smithsonian magazine, the event invites participation institutions to get … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Love Barcelona

Tens of thousands of tourists and Barcelona residents were treated to a breathtaking multimedia spectacle at the iconic Sagrada Familia church on the nights of September 21,22 and 23.. Entitled Ode a la Vie, the installation was produced by Montreal’s … Continue reading

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Tilt-a-whirl Tourism

Freelance Berlin photographer Christian Ruhm’s series world dis_order offers a unique way of seeing some of Europe’s iconic tourist sites. From Berlin’s Reichstag to London’s House of Parliament, Ruhm’s multi-layered, multiple exposures add a sense of excitement and a pinch … Continue reading

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How Insulting

Here’s the perfect little tool for crafting witty three-word responses to those churlish, boil-brained flap-dragons who post ridiculously offensive comments to your Facebook posts. Just choose one word from each column and let the Elizabethan insults fly. Related articles Barbed … Continue reading

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Nary a Cheesesteak

Street art is undoubtedly the most exciting and powerful contemporary art movement. At its core street art is an ephemeral exercise, often disappearing within days of its installation. The precarious, and often politically fraught, nature of street art necessitates dedicated … Continue reading

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Is It Overdue

Italian-born, Berlin-based artist Frederico Pietrella uses diverse medium in his work, but lately he has added a unique tool—library date stamps. The time-intensive, large-scale images takes weeks to complete and are selling for up to €20,000. The DW video below offers … Continue reading

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