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Hooked on Books

Bibliomania was animated and directed by Rosalie Osman

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Paper Trails

Paper Trail is a very trippy short film from artist Jake Fried. The brilliant animation is created with hundreds of individually constructed individuals pages, which consist of ink drawings, whiteout, and collage. Each image is then scanned to become a single … Continue reading

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Kafka Meets The Matrix

Mexican writer/director Pablo Calvillo’s animated short film Inksect is an intense Kafkaesque vision of a dystopian future where books are burned. Still, there’s some hope for bibliophiles in this surreal world captured in an engaging and original animation style. Be sure … Continue reading

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Take a very short trip

If you click on this link, it will take you on a short trip. Use your arrow keys and space bar to control the action. The charming little animated game was created by Australian artist, illustrator, and digital designer Alexander … Continue reading

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Life of a library book

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Paris vs New York (animated)

First there was the blog, then the book, and now there’s the Paris vs New York video. Animated by the North Creative Collective studio, Vahram Muratyan’s cheeky illustrations always brighten the day.

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Welcome Onboard

Every flier has endured those tedious, unimaginative flight safety videos while awaiting take-off. Most of us barely acknowledge the drill. Virgin Atlantic has taken heed and created a new animated, pre-flight safety film that manages to be entertaining and informative … Continue reading

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On Departure

On Departure is a marvelous, minimalist short animated film by Vancouver-based, Irish filmmaker Eoin Duffy that captures the disconcerting, otherworldly feel that seems to pervade airports. After spending too many hours, in too many airports over the past few months, I … Continue reading

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In the Deep End

Boston-based artist Jake Fried creates mind-blowing short animated films. What’s really impressive is that Fried’s surreal creations are built of layers of coffee, white-out, crayon and ink. My favorite film is the award-winning “Deep End” . You’ll want to view … Continue reading

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The True Way Is Along A Rope

Are you a Kafka fan? Do you love animation like a kid craves Saturday morning cartoons? If you do, set aside twenty minutes to absorb this fantastic Japanese animated film version of Franz Kafka‘s cryptic story A Country Doctor directed by Koji … Continue reading

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