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What’s On Your Book Shelf

Mike Hanski from the site Bid4Paper has created this interesting infographic titled, “You Are What You Read,” which looks at the reading lists of a diverse set of influential people—living and dead.  

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Bloomsbury, Soho & South Kensington

The American fashion retailer J Crew has recently celebrated the addition of three London shops—including a flagship Regent Street store—by teaming with the ultra-hip Wildsam Field Guide publishers (see TBTP 12/8/13) to produce co-branded travel guide books for three London neighborhoods. … Continue reading

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Mexico City-based designer and illustrator Aldo Crusher created this charming series of vibrant, polychromatic illustrations for Aire magazine. Cosmópolis cleverly uses geometric elements to explore iconic landmarks and attractions in each city.

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Obey the Code

The Bombay Highway Code is a poem, a postcard and a history lesson all bundled up into one short video shot on the streets of Mumbai. The film was shot, directed and edited by David Baksh with original music from … Continue reading

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Passion for Postcards

The Boston Public Library has uploaded more than 90,000 images to their Flickr page in 380 different sets. One of my favorites is a wonderful, nostalgic collections of over 25,000 postcards of U.S. sites. The linen textured, colored postcards were … Continue reading

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Holiday Renascence

Published between 1946 and 1977, Holiday was a trendy U.S. travel magazine popular for innovative lay-outs, exciting photography and well-written stories. Now, after 37 years, Holiday is back as a bi-annual periodical. The new Paris-based publication aims to “capture the … Continue reading

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Wheel Good Times

Beginning next month, visitors to the U.S. capital Washington D.C. will have a unique vantage to see the city’s famous sights: from a 180 foot-tall observation wheel. The Capital Wheel sits at the end of a pier on the Potomac … Continue reading

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Ideas Box

Most of us can take access to books and information for granted. However, for people in areas of conflict, war or natural disaster access to information is often an insurmountable problem. The NGO Libraries Without Borders has partnered with the French … Continue reading

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Kids Need Maps

I don’t usually promote random Kickstarter projects, but this interactive kid’s map created by Berlin-based Simon Schuetz is a terrific concept. American children in particular are woefully ignorant when it comes to basic geography, but a fun map like this … Continue reading

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Pity the Poor Librarian

I don’t know who is behind the anonymous blog Professional Library Literature but I think that they’re overdue for a sabbatical . These hilarious pulp fiction book parodies will surely ring true for our librarian readers, professional students and library habitué.

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