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Don’t Panic : The Answer Is Still 42

The indie publisher Unbound is preparing to release the crowdfunded book  42: The Wildly Improbably Ideas of Douglas Adams, featuring unseen notes, scripts and ideas from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy author. The book consists of excerpts from 67 boxes full of notebooks, letters, … Continue reading

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You have to see this place

Two years ago, former journalist David F. Gallagher launched a clever Kickstarter project that was recently completed and posted online. He solicited backers to designate a geographic location anywhere in the world by address or latitude/longitude and promised to send … Continue reading

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Call Me Ishmael

I rarely endorse Kickstarter projects, but Call Me Ishmael is a worthy literary project that deserves attention. Honored by the National Book Foundation with the Innovations in Reading Prize, Call Me Ishmael has already surpassed its modest Kickstarter goal. Inspired … Continue reading

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Around the World in 80 Postcards

Lehel Kovacs is a Budapest-based artist and illustrator who dreamed of traveling around the world. When those travel plans did not pan out, he decided to take a virtual world tour using Google Street View. That inspired the creation of … Continue reading

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Kids Need Maps

I don’t usually promote random Kickstarter projects, but this interactive kid’s map created by Berlin-based Simon Schuetz is a terrific concept. American children in particular are woefully ignorant when it comes to basic geography, but a fun map like this … Continue reading

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If you are an Europhile like me, then you will love Luke Shepard’s stunning time-lapse film “Nightvision”. Based on a 21 country, 36 city, 3 month whirlwind photo shoot through Europe, the beautiful Kickstarter-funded film is comprised of thousands of … Continue reading

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Zoomable Maps

London-based designer Anne Stauche has created the brilliant map²—a series of paper maps inspired by the zoomable feature of digital maps. The cleverly designed versions of map² are pocket-sized paper maps that utilize a unique folding process to allow users … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities

When freelance photographer Daniella Zalcman is not on assignment, she divides her time between New York City and London. Zalcman recently completed a series of photographs titled New York + London which dramatically mixes images of both great cities in … Continue reading

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Week In Hell

This past September, artist/illustrator/blogger/writer/provocateur Molly Crabapple “locked” herself in a New York City hotel room, covered the walls entirely in huge sheets of paper and filled the paper with her artwork. Molly funded this clever project through a very successful … Continue reading

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