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All the painted ladies

It’s been a minute since I visited San Francisco, but like ever other tourist I made a pilgrimage to see the famous row of “painted ladies” at Alamo Square Park. Architectural Digest produced the fascinating video (below) about these gems. … Continue reading

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Book Tunneling

I recently stumbled on the interesting video below on the history of tunnel books. Over the years, I’ve owned and sold a number of travel related 19th century tunnel books and have long been fascinated by this blend of art … Continue reading

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Vienna Waits For You

Regular visitors to Travel Between The Pages know that I appreciate a well done tourism campaign. However, I was perplexed when my favorite blog follower shared the newest tourism video from the Vienna Tourist Board. I’ve been a huge fan … Continue reading

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Stretching Your Imagination

Felix Semper ‘s sculptures are made entirely of paper . He spends months creating such a work of art. Semper uses thousands of loose sheets for every sculpture. When he lost his company and went bankrupt in 2008, he decided … Continue reading

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Sandwich of Horror

NB: If the H.P. Lovecraft video fails to launch please click here .  

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It’s Decorative Gourd Season

Here in North America folks tend to go a bit overboard with seasonal decorations. An important mainstay is the carved pumpkin. In the video below, professional pumpkin carver, James Hall, runs through 13 different levels of pumpkin carving, from the … Continue reading

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The Haunted Castle

In honor of the Halloween season, here’s the first horror film, Georges Méliès’ The Haunted Castle. Originally released in 1896, the year before Dracula was published, it had been thought to be lost until 1988, when a copy was discovered in the … Continue reading

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Ô Canada

I have to admit that I am a bit of a airline safety video nerd. It’s the height of creativity to create a safety video that can both keep the attention of air travelers and be simultaneously entertaining. Created in … Continue reading

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Munich and a little Oktoberfest

Each year around this time Munich and its Oktoberfest seems to get a bit of attention in the media. I’ve only been to Munich twice and Oktoberfest one time, but I’m a big fan. Ironically, I managed to get an … Continue reading

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Take the Train

Those of you who stop by TBTP regularly know that I’m a big fan of public transit and clever transit advertising. The short video below from Denmark ticks all of the boxes and best of all it features a great … Continue reading

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