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Mapping History

Perspicacious followers of Travel Between The Pages will have long ago noted my interest in history, cartography, archeology, and the city of London. All of these subjects serendipitously come together in the Archaeology of Greater London website, which has interactive maps … Continue reading

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Historic Peregrinations

Shifting Borders: A Journey to the Centre of our World(s) at the Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery in Leeds, England, focuses on the world of travel, guidebooks, and historic maps as well as contemporary artists’ books. For my money the … Continue reading

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What’s That Smell: Europe’s Olfactory Heritage

It is commonly accepted that our sense of smell is linked directly to our emotions and our memories. The year-old project Odeuropa is applying state-of-the-art AI techniques to historical texts and image datasets that span four centuries of European history, … Continue reading

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History is made of maps

History Maps uses a combination of interactive maps, videos, illustrations and Wikipedia content to explain and guide the user through an impressive collection of historical events. Beware, it’s easy to fall down this rabbit hole and spend an unplanned hour … Continue reading

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To Airbnb or not Airbnb

Like millions of other travelers, I have used the accommodation service with mostly positive results. Lately though, it seems that most stories about Airbnb range from negative to nightmarish. Still, Airbnb remains the most popular rental service in most markets. … Continue reading

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As the world turns

Frequent vistors to Travel Between The Pages are well aware of my life-long fascination with globes and maps. As a young child, I was gifted a small globe much like the one above, albeit much less expensive and detailed, which … Continue reading

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Edward Hopper’s New York

I’ve long thought of Edward Hopper as the quintissential New York City painter. His works have always evoked a powerful sense of place and mood.This winter, NYC’s Whitney Museum of American Art is offering a glimpse into the city that … Continue reading

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Your very own globe ornament

Every year John Nelson comes up with a papercraft globe ornament for printing out, cutting and pasting together; this year’s uses Living Atlas world imagery in an orthographic projection. If that’s not enough, Nelson also has links for previous years’ ornaments, … Continue reading

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Map of Stories

The Map of Stories is a wonderful interactive map that provides the opportunity to explore tales from throughout Scotland. The site allows visitors to discover the oral storytelling traditions of Scotland and listen to folktales from the ancient land. The … Continue reading

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First Around The World Trip

Ever since I was indoctrinated as a young child with filiopietistic reverence for Columbus and the entire panoply of European explorers, I’ve been fascinated by their extraordinary journeys. Recently, I discovered a wonderful website that traces the route of Ferdinand … Continue reading

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