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Which Countries Still Have A Monarchy

With all of the hubbub about the death of Queen Elizabeth II and Charles’ ascension to the throne, I wondered what countries still maintained a monarchy. Low and behold, the excellent website Visual Capitalist has a helpful graphic that answers … Continue reading

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Journey Through Swiss Railway History

It has been my good fortune to have traveled extensively throughout Switzerland by train. IMHO the Swiss railway network is unparalleled for its engineering and for the beauty of the geography that it covers. So, I was happy to learn … Continue reading

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Be Your Own Cartographer

Here at Travel Between The Pages world headquarters we’re always up for a clever city map generator. So, here’s the Pretty Mapp App  which is a fun way to create colorful local maps of your home town or anyplace that … Continue reading

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Make Your Drive Fun

No one enjoys a boring road trip and we all love an excuse to make unscheduled stops along the way. Make My Drive Fun will make those drives a bit more spontaneous and fun. It’s a simple as inputting your … Continue reading

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A Hieroglyphic Travel Guide

Regular visitors to Travel Between The Pages may recall that my niche market as a bookseller has long been travel guides and travel literature. I recently discovered this unique 1815 travel guide to Madeira and the Caribbean that is illustrated with … Continue reading

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Illustration Chronicles

I recently discovered the amazing website Illustration Chronicles: which explores a history of illustration through the images, illustrators and events of the past 175 years. Periodically the editors select a topic to explore. These concepts, such as music, satire, war, … Continue reading

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How Far Can You Go

I’ve run across quite a few stories about this very neat website over the past week or so and thought that TBTP followers would be interested. How Far Can You Go By Train in 5h? is an interactive map which … Continue reading

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Death and Mayhem in National Parks

Over recent months, it seems that there has been a story about tourists in Yellowstone National Park being gored by bison, mauled by bears, bitten by wolves, or scalded by steaming pools every week. In most cases the deaths and … Continue reading

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Omnes viae Romam ducunt

The saying: omnes viae Romam ducunt (all roads lead to Rome) began in 20 BCE when Emperor Augustus had a large golden spike installed next to the Temple of Saturn on the Forum Romanum. This was the Milliarium Aureum, or … Continue reading

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Sunday Sundries

Atlas of endangered alphabets – is an excellent project aiming to save indigenous and minority writing systems. High Life – Just discovered that you don’t even have to leave home to read British Airways’ really rather good in-flight magazine. Worth … Continue reading

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