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Curse You Reed-Kellogg

If you were educated during a certain era in the United States, you are all too familiar with the classic Reed-Kellogg diagrammatical system. The folks at Pop Chart Lab in New York , whose goal is “to render all of … Continue reading

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Waiting For Godot

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Welcome Onboard

Every flier has endured those tedious, unimaginative flight safety videos while awaiting take-off. Most of us barely acknowledge the drill. Virgin Atlantic has taken heed and created a new animated, pre-flight safety film that manages to be entertaining and informative … Continue reading

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Snippets of Europe

Illustrator, teacher and Fulbright scholar Emma Fick has created a marvelous digital sketchbook of her life and travels in Europe. “Snippets” is a charming, whimsical and introspective pictorial journal of observations of European culture and life on the road from … Continue reading

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What About Staten Island

Earlier this month we shared a very clever New York City coffee map based on subway stops. Now the creator, Android developer Nimal Banerjee, has expanded the original Manhattan- only map to include the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. But … Continue reading

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Leave Your Heart, Take the Map

San Francisco is unquestionably one of North America’s favorite destinations for travelers. It is also well served by public transit and is quite easy to get around. But who doesn’t love a fun, practical and even whimsical navigational tool that … Continue reading

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Stories for Strangers

Calling himself “The Roving Typist”, C.D. Hermelin visits parks in New York City where he writes impromptu stories for strangers for a fee. Story patrons provide some ideas on what they’d like in a story and pay what they choose … Continue reading

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We Share Their Grief

This March 11th will mark the 10th anniversary of the horrendous Madrid train bombings in which 192 innocent people from 17 different nations were murdered by terrorists. Paris-based, Italian photographer Ciro Prota has organized a moving photographic memorial book to … Continue reading

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Winter in Trondheim

I once had the immense pleasure of spending a joyous Midsummer’s Night on a mountain above the northern Norwegian city of Trondheim. I never really considered visiting during the winter, that is until I saw this wonderful film from the … Continue reading

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MTA NYC Goes Digital

New York City’s MTA has finally launched its much anticipated new digital, touch-point “MTA On the Go” kiosks. The units offer 47-inch screens providing real-time transit information, including visual station to station directions with transfers and line info, countdown to … Continue reading

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