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See NYC Like Superman

Architect Candy Chan has created a mindblowing series of “x-ray” maps of New York City subway stations. Each of her elaborate drawings show the station lay-outs and orientation relating to the geography of the surrounding streets above. Check-out Chan’s website … Continue reading

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Underground Library

The New York Public Library has partnered with the MTA and New York State to create the Subway Library project. Transit riders will have access to free e-books and other digital downloads this summer—and they won’t even need a library card. To … Continue reading

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Book Fairies Underground

There are many terrific “book sharing” programs around the world, but my favorites are always the projects operated by small groups of generous, dedicated book lovers. Books on the Subway is one of those heartwarming projects that makes a place like New … Continue reading

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Subway Rhapsody

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A station in a station ( or a terminal)

Most visitors to Manhattan this time of the year head for the gigantic Rockefeller Center Christmas tree or traipse around gawking at the elaborate holiday window displays, but for me one of the highlights in New York City every holiday … Continue reading

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Is It Wrong

I haven’t quite made up my mind about these new takes on the New York City subway map from the Brooklyn-based Triboro Design team. The duo explain their design choices by saying, “we chose the most inappropriate colors that we … Continue reading

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Underground Reading

Riding the New York City subways, you’re going to see lots of folks engrossed in a wide variety of reading material. Comedians Akilah Hughes and Scott Rogowsky elicit plenty of double-takes and much laughter with their twisted fake book covers. … Continue reading

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Station to Station

It’s not easy to make the New York Subway system seem inviting, but director Roddy Hyduk and the Snowday team managed to pull it off in the charming short called “Stations”. Somehow they managed to visit 120 of the 469 … Continue reading

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Big Apple Tips

Since moving to the Big Apple, illustrator Nathan Pyle has been sharing his growing insider knowledge of NYC cultural norms and quirks with his ongoing NYC Basic Tips & Etiquette project and book. Pyle’s insightful tips cover everything from taxis, … Continue reading

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Forget the NY subway, take a hike

Healthcare company Treated.com calculated how many calories that you could burn by avoiding the subway in New York City. The handy map and chart show how to get some exercise in while saving the time that you’d waste waiting for … Continue reading

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