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I am not a Luddite, but…

This week I ran across a press release for a new web-based “publishing” company that is now selling a form of ebooks as NFTs. After reading the press release (see below) and checking out the website my initial reaction to … Continue reading

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A Declaration of Independence

Back in 1971 the computer was barely understood by the average person and the concept of an ebook didn’t yet exist, but when Michael Stern Hart, a technologist and futurist, was given access to the Xerox Sigma V mainframe at the University … Continue reading

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Free Books in Translation

Archipelago Books is giving away 30 e-books (in ePub or PDF format) from their back catalogue. Most are translated works of fiction, though you’ll also find poetry, such as by the Cuban Dulce María Loynaz (tr. James O’Connor), and the hard-to-categorize Novices of Sias … Continue reading

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Library in the Tram

I love libraries and I love trams, so how could I resist this story about the Library in the Tram—Tram to the Library out of Brno, Czech Republic. This winter, Moravia’s capital city and the historic Jiri Mahen Library launched … Continue reading

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Reading In The Mobile Era

This week UNESCO released a fascinating report on Reading In The Mobile Era in the developing world. Based on over 4,000 surveys, completed in seven nations—Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nigeria , Pakistan, Uganda and Zimbabwe—the report provides a detailed snapshot of how … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Reading Device

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Keeping It Real

I like real books and I can not lie. And it appears that a majority of other readers do too. The infographic below, which is based on a poll by the UK-based Fatbrain book marketplace, explores the reasons why readers … Continue reading

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Bilibrary is Coming

Tim Coates has been an writer and publisher in the U.K., but he is best known as the former head of the Waterstone’s bookselling chain and now he is moving into a new frontier as the founder of Bilbrary.com, a … Continue reading

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