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The Oldest House in NYC

Having spent quite a bit of my childhood in the New York City Borough of Brooklyn, I am more than a little chagrinned to admit that I never visited the oldest house in NYC which is located there. In fact, … Continue reading

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Magical Europe

Magical Europe is a captivating timelapse video created by Stan Chang . He spent two years traveling around Europe with his wife and small son capturing a stunning array of sites. The compilation of timelapse videos that he created on his … Continue reading

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When did it become so strange

I was captivated by the charming video Nine Letters, which was written and directed by the Brazilian-Swiss filmmaker Cristina Müller. The poignant short film is built around a series of letters and cards ranging from the 1930s to the present … Continue reading

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To be without choice

“Somebody said that we were less than human and not fit for freedom. Somebody said we were like children and could not be trusted to think for ourselves. Somebody owned our flesh, and decided if and when and with whom … Continue reading

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Library of Unwanted Manuscripts

I’ve been an admirer of the writing of Richard Brautigan since I first read his books In Watermelon Sugar  and Trout Fishing in America when I was a teenager. I was recently reminded of the existence in Vancouver, Washington, of … Continue reading

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Another Caturday in Catopolis

To a cat Mirrors are not more wrapt in silences nor the arriving dawn more secretive; you, in the moonlight, are that panther figure which we can only spy at from a distance. By the mysterious functioning of some divine … Continue reading

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Another World Just Waiting At My Fingertips


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Summer Reading


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Civilization Begins

I recently stumbled upon a link to Mesopotamia Online which is an immersive exploration of Mesopotamian art objects. The exhibition Mesopotamia: Civilization Begins was on view in 2021 at the Getty Villa. It was organized by the Musée du Louvre, … Continue reading

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Museum to the Rescue

Italy has opened a new museum to showcase art it has rescued. The museum, which opened in Rome last week, will present rotating exhibitions of looted and stolen pieces that the nation has recovered. The Museum of Rescued Art, which … Continue reading

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