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Yaks, Breakdowns and Bandits

Jeff Diehl faced errant yaks, inconvenient breakdowns and bandits on his eleven day drive across Mongolia from the Russian border to the capital Ulaanbaatar. Along the way he created this amazing film which compresses the escapade down to just four … Continue reading

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Another Big Day for Transport Geeks

Yesterday was another red letter day for London’s public transport riders and bus enthusiasts. The much awaited new incarnation of London’s historic Routemaster bus made its maiden voyage on the 38 Route through the West End. The new Routemaster is … Continue reading

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Steam Returns to the Underground

I was dead chuffed to hear that on Saturday night Transport for London (TFL) carried out tests designed to demonstrate the feasibility of running a steam locomotive on the London Underground for its 150th anniversary next year. Locomotive Met no. … Continue reading

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Parking is such a drag

American born, Paris-based photographer Peter Lippmann is well known for his stunning fashion and culinary photographs, but his ethereal photo essay called Parking Paradise is just plain fun. Peter searches the French countryside for these abandoned vintage cars. It reminds me of … Continue reading

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NYC: The Water Tank Project

An impressive roster of New York City artists have signed-on to participate in a consciousness-raising project dubbed The Water Tank Project. Designed to draw public attention to the urgent need for water conservation and the myriad threats to the world’s … Continue reading

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Found Libraries

Even though there are still more than 13,000 public payphones on New York City sidewalks, they are seen by most residents as dead technology, if they are noticed at all. But NY architect and civil society activist John Locke, the … Continue reading

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RedBall (not Bull) Project

New York City-based Kurt Perschke ia an artist who works in collage, print, sculpture, video and public installation. His best known work, the very fun RedBall Project, is a global, traveling street art project that has playfully infiltrated Chicago, Toronto, … Continue reading

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Lost Libraries

In an age of data retrieval, when just about anything ever printed can be seen online and is eternally preserved there, and when modern anxiety is fuelled by too much information, we would do well to remember that the loss … Continue reading

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Magic in Landscape

Dutch artist/sculptor/photographer Scarlett Hooft Graafland has traveled the globe, from the Arctic Circle to the Andes, and from China to Israel, producing an intoxicating body of work grounded in magical realism and humor. She creates idiosyncratic , site-specific installations that … Continue reading

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When the Warming Comes…

Pablo Genovés is a Madrid and Berlin-based multi-media artist who uses found vintage postcards, prints and other ephemera to create magical, and disturbing, digital collages of European museums, palaces, performance spaces and theaters inundated by a rising tide of flood … Continue reading

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