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Halloween II

All houses wherein men have lived and died Are haunted houses. Through the open doors The harmless phantoms on their errands glide, With feet that make no sound upon the floors. We meet them at the door-way, on the stair, … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween : via the ever witty webcomic The Gentleman’s Armchair.

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Every Which Way

During the past few months, I’ve taken more than a dozen city-specific transportation apps for a spin in half a dozen major metropolitan areas. Invariably I’ve been disappointed by flashy apps that failed to deliver. Sometimes the interface was just … Continue reading

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Train Trivia

I’m a huge supporter of public transit systems, and when I travel I always try and make the most of public transport options. But wherever I go the locals seem to have nothing but complaints about their own underground train systems. … Continue reading

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Free Haruki Murakami

In a dramatic reversal of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis , Haruki Murakami has turned the fabulous tale on its head with his new short story titled “Samsa in Love”. You can read it for free over at the New Yorker. And, … Continue reading

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KAWS born to bend

I’ve spent quite a bit of time hanging around Philadelphia’s awesome Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art (mainly because my very talented wife went to art school at the historic institution). I never expected to see the eye-popping Born to Bend … Continue reading

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Dracula’s Irish Bloodline

Earlier this year the Dublin Film Festival commissioned this fun chart (see below)  of Dracula‘s bloodline through pop media over the last century to celebrate the film Stoker. The graphic, created by illustrator Matthew Griffin, has been resurrected this week … Continue reading

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Haunted Hotels

In keeping with this week’s apparent Halloween theme, here’s a peek at’s very timely new “Haunted Hotels” ad campaign. Created by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy (Amsterdam), the creepy ads are cleverly designed to look like classic horror film posters. … Continue reading

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Wild Europe

Halloween is precisely one week away, and I know how difficult it can be to find inspiration for that truly original costume for the work party. French photographer Charles Fréger has provided encouragement to get traditional this year with some … Continue reading

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Adventure is Calling

If adventure calls, will you answer? Well, Ohio photographer Shane Black answered his call and along the way he created this awesome timelapse video. Black’s epic journey took him through thirty-two American states and thirteen national parks (where most of … Continue reading

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