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Thank You For Not Answering

Recently, I have found myself wavering between complete awe at the potential for open source AI programs and abject terror at the real possibility that AI can end life on Earth. Today, I find myself marveling at the fascinating art … Continue reading

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Whole lotta shaking going on

I don’t have a lot of personal experience with earthquakes. My area of North America is in a low to moderate risk zone. Although we did have a 2.30 quake in my town about 14 years ago. At the time, … Continue reading

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Browse, Borrow, Board

The U.S. city of Boston is making borrowing reading material on-the-go more accessible through a pilot program that will offer public transit users access digital content from books and periodicals to audiobooks and newspapers at 20 bus stops across the … Continue reading

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Ocean of Books

An Ocean of Books is an interactive map of over 100,000 authors and 145,162 books. On this map every island is an author and every city is a book. Searching the Ocean of Books map by author allows the user to … Continue reading

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Very Short Stories

I’m hooked on the ultra short sci-fi  stories on Twitter, @smllwrlds is publishing a new tiny illustrated sci-fi story every day of 2023. Try it and you will be hooked too.  

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Random Airports

Random Airports: I was recently reminiscing with two of my closest cousins about trips to the airport when we were children. Back in the olden days it was actually possible to enjoy a visit to an airport to pick-up or … Continue reading

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Hidden history of the world

Last week, I ran across three different references to an eye-opening documentary titled A History of the World According to Getty Images. This impressive video created by British filmmaker Richard Misek  explores the way that historic films are hidden from public … Continue reading

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Museum of Failure

Brooklyn New York City is the latest stop for the traveling exhibition called the Museum of Failure. Located in Industry City in Sunset Park, the show celebrates “overhyped products that never really took off” and other epic fails (Trump steaks, anyone?). … Continue reading

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How we communicate

Based on analytics, thousands of subscribers to Travel Between The Pages follow the blog in dozens of nations around the globe. It’s all made possible by an ever-growing number of undersea cables that carry digital signals around the world. Every … Continue reading

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Hold my calls, I’m blogging

I have no idea who created this little comic gem of a video, but since hundreds of Travel Between the Pages followers are bloggers I had to share it. The video is via the German blog site Kraftfuttermischwerk . NB: … Continue reading

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