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Words Are Music To A Bibliophile

I recently had an email from a former book customer asking if I could recommend a bibliopegist. My first response was: What’s a bibliopegist. I was only a little embarassed to admit that I didn’t know that it was another word for bookbinder. This … Continue reading

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Repair and Restoration

  A big h/t to Bonnie B. our first and most loyal subscriber for this post on a loving restoration project from Japan. As an antiquarian and secondhand bookseller, I’ve done some minor repairs and restorations over the years, but … Continue reading

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Good As New (almost)

After recently spending more than an hour making minor repairs to a damaged 19th century book, I have an even greater appreciation for book conservation professionals. This nine minute video shows how King’s College Library  Cambridge conserves its collection of … Continue reading

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Yes, it can happen here

There are a few memorable books that I read during my childhood that had profound influence on my social and political consciousness. Sinclair Lewis’ novel It Can’t Happen Here was one that I’ve never forgotten. The book was published during the rise … Continue reading

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Birth of a Book

The engaging short film below offers a quick tour of the Smith –Settle printing and bookbinding company in Leeds, England, where books are still made the old-fashioned way. The film’s director Glen Milner covers each step in the process as … Continue reading

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This Is The End(papers)

Those of us who are true book geeks suffer from an obsessive fascination with all aspects of books. We don’t just like reading books, or collecting books, we love the physicality of books. Some of us are into book covers. … Continue reading

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Bookbinding Basics

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Back to Back

The antiquarian book above is actually two volumes in one. This rare style of binding is usually referred to as dos-a-dos, from the French “back to back”. As the term suggests, these books share the same back cover. Books bound in … Continue reading

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It’s Old Book Week

image © Bonnie M. Butler Although for years now pundits have been predicting that digital books would eliminate printed books any day now, the real thing still has an enduring allure. Some of us are fortunate enough to surround ourselves with … Continue reading

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Not A Lost Art (yet)

Those of us who buy, sell and collect antiquarian books obviously value them for their literary content, but most of us are also enamored by the physical books. I’m especially thrilled to discover intact old bindings and volumes which incorporate … Continue reading

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