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For Cats Every Day Is Caturday


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Stamp Books/Book Stamps

The Liverpool-based design studio Dorothy has created a wonderful series of colorful stamps based on 20th century literary works. Their Modern Classics collection, above, reimagines the covers of the 42 titles in clever and imaginative ways. They have reimagined the 42 essential … Continue reading

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Erasing Books for the Sake of Art

I am always somewhat ambivilant when it comes to book art that actually damages or destroys books, however, I am a fan of Vermont-based poet and book artist Mary Ruefle’s decades-long project Erasures. Since 1998, she has amended more than 100 books … Continue reading

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Freedom is a Fable

Freedom, A Fable: A Curious Interpretation of the Wit of a Negress in Troubled Times.Illustrated book with offset lithographs on paper and laser-cut pop-up paper silhouettes, 1997. I have always been emotionally moved by Kara Walker’s powerful art work, especially … Continue reading

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Behind The Covers

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It’s Old Book Week

image © Bonnie M. Butler Although for years now pundits have been predicting that digital books would eliminate printed books any day now, the real thing still has an enduring allure. Some of us are fortunate enough to surround ourselves with … Continue reading

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Adieu to all that

Those of us from the pre-Internet Age fondly remember the joys of a great set of encyclopedias. Before the web if you needed to know about cuneiform writing or what the capital of Namibia was, you turned to the Encyclopedia … Continue reading

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Book Building

Eco-Artware, a retailer dedicated to “green” gifts, has posted a series of impressive projects created with recycled or discarded books. Some are prize-winning installations by artist Job Koelewijn, but the remainder are simply ingeneous efforts from bookstores and museums.

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Is Book Art Blasphemy

I admire the cut-out book collages of Alexander Korzer-Robinson, but still cringe a little at the evisceration of antiquarian books. He says of this work: “By using pre-existing media as a starting point, certain boundaries are set by the material, which … Continue reading

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One for the Books

This planetoid, made entirely of books, was created by artist John Marshall, and is prominently displayed at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts As the largest and most comprehensive center of its kind in the nation, Minnesota Center for Book … Continue reading

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