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Move-in Ready

I’m seriously considering building one of these book igloos and moving in for the duration of the pandemic. These book sculptures are the work of the brilliant Columbian artist Miler Lagos.  

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Erasing Books for the Sake of Art

I am always somewhat ambivilant when it comes to book art that actually damages or destroys books, however, I am a fan of Vermont-based poet and book artist Mary Ruefle’s decades-long project Erasures. Since 1998, she has amended more than 100 books … Continue reading

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You can judge these books by their covers

California-based artist Seth Bogart is a painter, designer, musician, and ceramic artist. TBTP reader Will tipped me to these very clever ceramic books and book covers from a recent series by Bogart. You can see more of these “hardcover” volumes … Continue reading

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It’s really about the coffee

These days I spend an inordinate amount of time on my coffee roasting obsession. When I’m not researching green beans to buy, I’m looking for books and articles on coffee in general. I recently stumbled on this unusual artist book … Continue reading

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Everything has been done

Mads Lynnerup Everything Has Been Done (2019) ‘In this video a book lights on fire, as it gets opened. The book was published by Colpa Press in San Francisco and is in a limited edition of 50 in which 10 out of … Continue reading

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Book Nook


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I am curious yellow

Deep in the Yellow Wood by Lois Morrison is a movable artists’ book inspired by Artist Book Ideation Cards. The color yellow was chosen by the artist from the prompt of ‘favorite color’ and features characters from other elements of her work, … Continue reading

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Book Arts

Book art by Malena Valcarel  

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I’m an open book

Paul Éluard, Le Livre Ouvert III, Editions des Cahiers d’art, Paris, ca. 1944  

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The City Within

The City Within by Toronto-based artist Natalie Draz is a brilliant artists’ book and city map simultaneously. This kinetic piece is housed in a plain pine box with what first appears to be an irregularly shaped booklet , but expands … Continue reading

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