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Death Before Decaf

As a life-long coffee addict and devoted aficianado, I was thrilled to get turned-on to a periodical that is “about coffee, the people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit.” Drift magazine is all about the joys of wandering great cities, … Continue reading

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Coffee Makes The World Go Round

Folks who know me will vouch for my life-long love of coffee. For the most part, I’m a coffee purist; I tend to stick with simple and direct caffeine delivery systems. Give me a doppio espresso, a Red-Eye, or just … Continue reading

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Poetry in Action

UNESCO has declared that Monday March 21, 2016 is World Poetry Day. To commemorate the event, more than 1,000 coffeehouses around the world will offer customers a chance to purchase the beverage of their choice with a poem. The video … Continue reading

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Don’t Call Me A Coffee Snob

I take my coffee seriously, but not to the level of the folks at the Specialty Coffee Association of America. The SCAA has been setting standards for the U.S. coffee market for the past three decades and offers guidance for … Continue reading

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Enough Already

Overheard at Small World Coffee in Princeton, New Jersey this week: “Enough already with the blogs and tweeting”. Yeah, maybe enough with the tweeting, but I say keep the blogs coming.

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Not Your Corner Starbucks

We are living in a golden age of coffeehouses and coffee culture, but for me nothing will ever match the charms of the quintessentially Viennese kaffeehaus. Give me a groβer schwarzer , ein apfelstrudel and the daily paper in one … Continue reading

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Coffee is all the rage

Bestselling author, avid biker, and all around coffee geek Chris Ward created this terrific tube-centric coffee map of London for the caffeine deficient. You can even order your own copy here.

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Art of a Good Cup of Joe

Way back in March we featured a post on photographer Henry Hargreaves’ wonderful food-based maps. During the past year he has been working on another project that involves collecting and photographing coffee shop take-out cups from around the world. The … Continue reading

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Around the World (by coffees)

I’m hopelessly strung out on coffee, but I can live with the shame. However, when I’m traveling, I sometimes find myself at a loss on the correct way to order a cup of joe. And when it comes to ordering … Continue reading

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Travel Between the Cups

Travel Between The Pages followers know by now that I suffer from a serious case of O.C.D.—Obsessive Coffee Dependence. Whenever I plan a trip finding the best coffehouses, artisanal roasters and cafes is an uppermost priority. My iPhone and iPad … Continue reading

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