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Banksy pranks Venice

So it seems that that lovable street art scamp known as Banksy has brought his personal commentary on overtourism, commercialism, and the art world to Venice on the heels of the pretentious Biennale.

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Everybody Loves Miniature Golf

The always amusing UK-based American artist Doug Fishbone continues to spread joy while tackling weighty issues. His ever popular installation¬†Leisure Land Golf,¬†which premiered at the 2015 Venice Biennale, is now showing at the York Gallery in York. The fully-playable show … Continue reading

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Support Venice

Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn has created an enormous pair of hands emerging from the Grand Canal in Venice. The surreal installation, titled “Support”, was built to raise awareness about climate change and rising waters that threat Venice and cities worldwide. … Continue reading

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Venice, City of Readers

A group of 100 authors in Italy have organized as Venice, City of Readers and have issued a manifesto protesting the disappearance of Venice’s bookstores. The writers, including Italian and international authors, gathered at the historic Salone della Libreria Sansoviniana … Continue reading

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Ecriture Infinie

Beginning in 2006 at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, artists Bili Bidjocka and Simon Njami have been traveling the globe inviting creative types to hand write personal messages onto eight huge books. The extraordinary project, titled Ecriture Infinie, focuses … Continue reading

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