Everybody Loves Miniature Golf

The always amusing UK-based American artist Doug Fishbone continues to spread joy while tackling weighty issues. His ever popular installation Leisure Land Golf, which premiered at the 2015 Venice Biennale, is now showing at the York Gallery in York.

The fully-playable show is a cross between a serious art installation and a functioning mini-golf course. Each of the holes was created by a different artist and they all address grave issues, such as racism, climate change, rampant consumerism, and political oppression.

I’m sharing this story today because it is my late brother Steve’s birthday. A world traveler and explorer long before self-promoting travel bloggers, digital nomads and Instagram poseurs began to wring the joy out of wanderlust with their bourgeois drivel. During one of his sojourns in Africa, he realized that the continent lacked miniature golf courses and he began scheming to some day build some. Tragically, he was killed before he could make it happen. But, I know that he would have loved Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf. 




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