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Coffee and Inspiration

h/t Tom Gauld

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The Everlasting Self

THE EVERLASTING SELF Comes in from a downpour Shaking water in every direction — A collaborative condition: Gathered, shed, spread, then Forgotten, reabsorbed. Like love From a lifetime ago, and mud A dog has tracked across the floor. Tracy K. … Continue reading

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Jean Paul Sartre Stand-up Comic

h/t to Corey Mohler you can see more of this clever stuff at Existential Comics  

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Whence Italics

These two books were printed at the historic Aldine Press in Venice. Founded by Aldus Manutius in 1495, it was among the most prominent and successful printing houses of the time. These works date from the early 1500s and feature … Continue reading

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Thanks, but no thanks

If you are a writer, you have likely grown accustomed to the polite, or even insulting, rejections from publishers or editors. My personal favorite rejection came a few years ago when my agent at the time was told by an … Continue reading

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where nothing is bought or sold

To the Central Library

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Manifest Destiny Did Not Involve Sharing

Charte von Nordamerica nach den neuesten Bestimmungen und Entdeckungen (1804) was published by Christian Gottlieb Reichard (1758-1837).And as the legend shows, the hand coloring denoted what countries had stake in the lands of North America…  

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So much to read

Les Cousins 1959, director Claude Chabrol  

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The next draft


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Summer Reading

As a former teacher, I still worry about the potential deleterious impact of long summer vacations on student development. The infographic below outlines the importance of keeping children engaged in learning, or at least reading, over the summer months. If … Continue reading

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