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Mapping The Way

Waymap:  Is an exciting concept for hyperlocal mapping software that can turn most smartphones into personalized guidance devices. Originally designed for people with visual disabilities, the app can provide local navigation directions for anyone in unfamiliar territory. “With Waymap, anyone … Continue reading

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Street Smart

Andrei Kashcha’s City Roads tool will draw you a map of just the roads in any city around the world. Beware map geeks: Down the rabbit hole.  

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The Shape of Our World

The fascinating infographic below explores how the view of our planet has evolved over the last 1,800 years. When most of us picture a world map, we likely still envision some variation of the 16th century Mercator projection even though … Continue reading

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Manifest Destiny Did Not Involve Sharing

Charte von Nordamerica nach den neuesten Bestimmungen und Entdeckungen (1804) was published by Christian Gottlieb Reichard (1758-1837).And as the legend shows, the hand coloring denoted what countries had stake in the lands of North America…  

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It’s A Small World

One of my most valued possessions during my childhood was a globe that sat on a table next to my bed. I spent countless hours traveling around the world on that globe imagining all of the places that I would … Continue reading

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Road Scholars

Caught Mapping (see below) will likely only be of interest to cartography geeks and serious roadtrippers, but take a gander anyway.

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You can’t get there from here

Helsinki-based geographer Topi Tjukanov is a wizard at using spatial data from new perspectives. If you’ve ever done any roadtripping in the US, this map of optimal routes by car from the geographic center of the country to all counties … Continue reading

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Alternative Metro Mapping

The former lead designer for the Moscow Department of Transportation, Constantine Konovalov, and his team of graphic artists and animators at the Tetter-Totter-Tam Studio, has developed a brilliant alternative to RATP Paris’ official Metro map. After two and a half … Continue reading

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Travel The World Underground

The New York City-based collective ArtCodeData has created a marvelous mash-up map covering 214 international metro/subway systems. The fanciful map represents 791 real lines, 11,924 stations, 214 urban centers, on 5 continents all connected in a single map. The project … Continue reading

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Literary Cartography

The Map of Literature is featured in a terrific new book just released by Penguin. Vargic’s Miscellany of Curious Maps: Mapping Out the Modern World is the work of a precocious 17-year-old cartographic genius from Slovakia named Martin Vargic. The … Continue reading

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