Mapping The Way

Waymap:  Is an exciting concept for hyperlocal mapping software that can turn most smartphones into personalized guidance devices. Originally designed for people with visual disabilities, the app can provide local navigation directions for anyone in unfamiliar territory.

“With Waymap, anyone can explore anywhere – simply, quickly and independently. Waymap, the world’s only navigation app that guides you both indoors and outdoors. Accurate up to 1m, with no signals required. With our app on your phone, you can explore the city, catch your bus, or go right to the aisle you want at the store. Installed across a city’s transport network, streets and major buildings, our app gives step-by-step guidance as soon as you step out your door. It works anywhere we have a map.”

The app uses step data to track your position within space, meaning it can operate signal-free using only on-device processing – obviously it requires a degree of coordination between the tech and the space owners to set up, but the theory here is hugely interesting from an accessibility and mobility point of view.

Check out the short descriptive video below and I think that you will be intrigued too.

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2 Responses to Mapping The Way

  1. margaret21 says:

    That looks brilliant! Thanks!

  2. Mary Kuster says:

    Sounds great

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