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Do You Need A Reading Sheperd

Shepherd is a curated book discovery tool based on author recommendations: “We ask authors to share their favorite books around topics and themes they are passionate about and why they recommend each book.” Although the website is relatively new, it’s off … Continue reading

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Our Kind of Hotel

Last year while I was under the delusion that I’d be taking a trip to Japan, I ran across a fantastic hotel in Nagoya called the Lamp Light Books Hotel. That amazing looking facility combined a bookstore, a 24-hour cafe, … Continue reading

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Why Real Books Are Great

h/t Strand Book Store  

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Train Your Brain

This great little video from the clever folks behind the Improvement Pill YouTube channel addresses persistent misconceptions about reading.

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Hallucinations May Be Experienced

This wonderful infographic from the University of Virginia Library explains the potential “side effects” from reading a book.

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Can You Borrow My Book ?

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Cape Town-based artist Barbara Wildenboer crafts dynamic sculptural works by flaying and dissecting discarded books creating a new narrative form. Slicing, folding, cutting, and gluing, Wildenboer reconceptualizes the abandoned encyclopedias and textbooks as art objects.

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Animal Farm is still banned in Cuba

It seems that as long as there have been books governments have been banning them. This infographic from printerinks.co.uk takes the long view on book banning throughout history. via http://www.printerinks.com

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Bibliophile Hack (NSFW)

Last week some anonymous tech savvy bibliophile hacked a digital traffic sign in central Los Angeles and left this message:

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The Art of Reading

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