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Without Libraries What Are We

Montreal-based Instagramer Olivier Martel Savoie has been traveling the world for the last two years visiting libraries and taking terrific photos with just his trusty iPhone. His series #olive_libraries covers beautiful institutions from Budapest to Boston. “Without libraries what have … Continue reading

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Montreal in History

Here in the New World we tend to forget that we too have a history. Montreal, one of my all time favorite North American cities, was founded in 1642. In the run-up to next year’s 375th anniversary celebrations, Montreal tourism folks … Continue reading

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Whiskey War

Since 1933, Canada and Denmark have been waging a quiet cold war over a desolate island in the far Arctic—really. The grim, barren 1.2 square kilometer rock has no apparent resources or value. But Hans Island is situated smack in … Continue reading

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Winter Therapy

This time of the year, most folks in the northern hemisphere could do with a little “luminotherapie”; and none more than the residents of chilly Canada. Impulse is a fabulously fun interactive art installation in the heart of Montreal made … Continue reading

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Canadian Secrets

Recently photos of the newest variant of the official Canadian passport have been popping up around the web. The colorful documents incorporate optical variable ink that only reveals hidden features under UV light. Hopefully, U.S. passport designers will take note. … Continue reading

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Free Beer in Europe

The recently revived tourism campaign I Am Canadian wasn’t created by Tourism Canada, but instead is the work of Molson Brewery, Canada’s oldest beer maker ( and second oldest business after the famed Hudson Bay Company). Molson’s clever, but self-promotional, … Continue reading

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Lost Rivers

“Once upon a time, in almost every city, many rivers flowed. Why did they disappear? How? How could we see them again? This documentary tries to find answers by meeting visionary urban thinkers, activists and artist from around the world.” … Continue reading

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Encouraging Entropy

Way back on August 27, 2010, we posted a story on a marvelous bibliographic installation in the woods of Quebec, Canada titled Jardin de la Connaissance. This joint project by artist Rodney Latourelle and landscape architects 100 Landschaftsarchitektur involved stacked … Continue reading

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The Rise of the eBook

I continue to be intrigued by clever, fact-filled infographics. So, here’s a well-researched one that explores the comparative details of the world’s main English language ebook markets. Who knew that there were more than 400 million ebook capable devices in … Continue reading

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Road Trip Time Machine

Did the minivan kill the station wagon? Do you even know what a “station wagon” is? Those of us who are old enough to have owned one will enjoy a trip down memory lane with film makers Sam Smartt and … Continue reading

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