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Bad Cartography

I love a good map, but a bad map, or a just plain silly map, can be hilarious. Terrible Maps is an anonymous online project that has been sharing some truly wacky and ridiculous examples for nearly three years. Here are a … Continue reading

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Whiskey War

Since 1933, Canada and Denmark have been waging a quiet cold war over a desolate island in the far Arctic—really. The grim, barren 1.2 square kilometer rock has no apparent resources or value. But Hans Island is situated smack in … Continue reading

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Two Lands

In September, I spent two weeks in Alaska hoping for a peek at the aurora borealis. After staying up late (I mean really late) every night, not a glimmer. So, I guess I’ll have to settle for fantastic videos like … Continue reading

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Visit London, See the World

The amazing annual Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition is now open until June 10th at London’s Royal Geographical Society. The show includes winners, runner-ups and historic photos from their archives.

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