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Every Traveler Needs A Magic Backpack

In the magical video below, actor/comedian/magician Michael Carbonaro demonstrates the extrordinary attributes of an amzing “Swiss Army’ backpack. I’m sure that once you see it you’ll want one too.  

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Always Return Your Library Books On Time

Conan the Librarian has zero tolerance for tardy returns.  

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Beckett’s Theories

Two short works from underappreciated Canadian poet, essayist, Greek scholar Anne Carson.      

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Bad Cartography

I love a good map, but a bad map, or a just plain silly map, can be hilarious.¬†Terrible Maps¬†is an anonymous online project that has been sharing some truly wacky and ridiculous examples for nearly three years. Here are a … Continue reading

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Underground Reading

Riding the New York City subways, you’re going to see lots of folks engrossed in a wide variety of reading material. Comedians Akilah Hughes and Scott Rogowsky elicit plenty of double-takes and much laughter with their twisted fake book covers. … Continue reading

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Grate Expectations

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Are You Having A Laugh

St George’s Church in Bloomsbury seems an unlikely location for London’s newest museum. The Museum of Comedy, Britain’s first museum dedicated to comedic artifacts, was founded by theater owner Martin Witts to display his collection of thousands of comedic curiosities. … Continue reading

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What’s In a Cover

The self-described “goons’ at the comedy website Something Awful periodically post a series of humorous re-imagined bookcovers from classic titles. While they range from cringe-worthy to hilarious, they’re worth a peek. Here’s a sample, but check-out the site for more … Continue reading

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Random Friday

The Fine Brothers spoil 50 novels in just 4 minutes (really). Post-apocalyptic bookstore browsing: In the distant future, a bottle is found deep inside the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Its contents unlock the secret of what happened to three men … Continue reading

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