Book Tunneling

I recently stumbled on the interesting video below on the history of tunnel books. Over the years, I’ve owned and sold a number of travel related 19th century tunnel books and have long been fascinated by this blend of art and printing. A few years ago, I was fortunate to discover some fabulous contemporary tunnel books by the immensely talented Laura Davidson. I was able to share some battered copies of old travel guidebooks with her, which she transformed into book art. The images below are from her Travel Guide series.

NB: If the video fails to load, please visit our homepage.

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2 Responses to Book Tunneling

  1. Shaharee says:

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about using old books to turn them into book art. On the other hand, it’s a better fate then being recycled through the papermill.

  2. margaret21 says:

    I had a couple of tunnel books as a child – one about Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. I found them endlessly fascinating. And my children had a couple of carousel style fairy tales – we all loved those.

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