Parking the Book Bus

Back in 2019 I shared a heartwarming story about Ohio teacher Melanie Moore’s Book Bus mobile children’s book store that raised funds for literacy projects. On November 12th, a ribbon-cutting and grand opening celebration took place for the Book Bus Depot in Sharonville, Ohio. Moore, who in 2019 launched the Book Bus (built out of a 1962 VW Transporter truck) now has a bricks-and-mortar location that will serve as “an event space that houses a bookstore featuring both new and used books and more importantly, it will house the Book Bus truck.”

In a Facebook post Saturday, Moore noted: “What an outpouring of love and support today! I had folks drive in from Tennessee and Cleveland. Those who couldn’t make it had flowers delivered, one sent from California. Many of you brought special notes or gifts. Becca, a beloved customer, gifted me a mint condition copy of Parnassus on Wheels (the inspiration for The Book Bus). And the books bought! I have a big day of ordering on Monday to fill these shelves back up. It was lovely chatting books with everyone inside as we watched the snow fall down outside which was a perfect example of why we need The Depot. I told someone today that if you ever doubt there is love in the world, come talk to me. I can share a hundred stories just about this Book Bus community. There are so many kind, generous people! My heart is full!”



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