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Nonbuyer’s Remorse

I have happily been able to attend some regional book sales again after a two year hiatus. At a recent event I handled but didn’t purchase a copy of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Master of Ballentræ .The 1965 Limited Edition … Continue reading

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Books are only human after all

Rooting through my image files I came across this little series of paintings by British artist and illustrator Jonathan Wolstenholme. He is widely known for his amazingly detailed works deriving from a love of old books and of the paraphernalia … Continue reading

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Fore Edge Fridays

For the first Fore Edge Friday of the year, we have two volumes of the fifth edition of English writer and moralist Hannah More’s, Hints Towards Forming the Character of a Young Princess, printed in London for Thomas Cadell and William Davies in 1819. … Continue reading

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You can judge these books by their covers

California-based artist Seth Bogart is a painter, designer, musician, and ceramic artist. TBTP reader Will tipped me to these very clever ceramic books and book covers from a recent series by Bogart. You can see more of these “hardcover” volumes … Continue reading

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Get Free Art Books

Quarantine Public Library is a brilliant online publisher of free short downloadable books created by independent writers, photographers, and artists. The diminutive books are designed to be printed on one sheet of paper, then folded into a zine-style book. The … Continue reading

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We wear the mask

The Mask by Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr,, one of the leading letterpress printers, book artists, and papermakers working in the United States today, was printed at Bloomington, Indiana, in 2000. Nearly all of his work has an Afrocentric focus. Mask features the use … Continue reading

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Yes, it can happen here

There are a few memorable books that I read during my childhood that had profound influence on my social and political consciousness. Sinclair Lewis’ novel It Can’t Happen Here was one that I’ve never forgotten. The book was published during the rise … Continue reading

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It’s really about the coffee

These days I spend an inordinate amount of time on my coffee roasting obsession. When I’m not researching green beans to buy, I’m looking for books and articles on coffee in general. I recently stumbled on this unusual artist book … Continue reading

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2nd Hand Reading

I’ve long been a fan of South African artist William Kentridge’s eclectic work. His book art/film blend has always captured my attention. 2nd Hand Reading is not recent, but it’s a good introduction to his work.

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Every Book Cover Tells a Story

You may have seen this clever visual short story making the rounds on the interwebs this week. Take the time to read the spines to follow the theme created by Phil Shaw; it’s quite clever.  

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