Almost Paradise

It’s always a happy day when a Tweet from Paperback Paradise pops up in my Twitter feed. I know that I’ve posted about the project before, but one can never have enough bibliophile humor. The graphic designer Domi creates the wildly popular Twitter and Instagram accounts @PaperbackParadise. He sources real paperback books that he then reworks on Photoshop. His parodies typically come with a helping of absurdist dark humor. Not for the faint of heart, Paperback Paradise can be raunchy, crude or even morbid. Domi finds humor in places others might not go.

What makes Ppaerback Paradise so effective is Domi’s ability to reinterpret the covers so realistically. His recreations of pulp and genre covers is so artfully accomplished that the viewer might not even realize that they are actually photoshopped.

Domi began working on his reinterpreted covers years ago when he worked in a comic book store. Eventually he switched from superhero comic covers to pulp paperbacks to mine the vast number of books begging for a rework.

Paperback Paradise has a huge following on Instagram and on Twitter. Domi also sells merchandise including bookmarks, stickers, prints, and apparel that feature his covers online.




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