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Bye Bye Barcelona

After spending a week in Barcelona not so long ago, I can sympathize with local residents who wish that their city was not quite so popular with tourists. With nearly 8 million annual visitors to the city, the streets are … Continue reading

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A Lost Era of Travel

A recently discovered treasure trove of 1930s Japanese railway and tourism posters is being auctioned this month through Heritage Auctions Galleries . The gorgeous Art Deco-influenced posters are so rare that even poster museums have few examples from the collection. … Continue reading

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Not Just Spinning Your Wheels

Touring a new city on foot or by bicycle provides perspectives not possible from car or bus. The folks at Rapha, sellers of very hip cycling gear, get this and have created a marvelous series of European urban travel guidebooks. The … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Rude

One of the Europe’s most visited cities, but also famous for its purported rudeness, Paris has  launched a campaign to improve its reputation and better meet the needs of tourists. Restaurant servers, taxi drivers and retail sales staff in the … Continue reading

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Everybody Loves A Road Trip

Well, almost everybody loves a road trip, in fact in the U.S. at least 80% of travel and tourism is by motor vehicle. A newly launched website/app called Roadtrippers is designed to help travelers plan road trips while eschewing generic … Continue reading

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Comment Dites-Vous Pickpocket

Paris police have begun patrolling the Louvre in force following a day-long walk-out by museum staff in protest of aggressive gangs of violent pickpockets. Directeur de l’Office de Tourisme de Paris Paul Roll responded to concerns about museum visitor safety … Continue reading

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Literary Passports

A passport, with all of its stamps and visas, can reveal quite a bit about the bearer. How many travelers have played the where have you been game by passing passports around a train compartment or a hostel common room … Continue reading

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Not The Tourist Office Version

Travis Jensen is a street photographer who brings an unvarnished perspective to images of San Francisco and its inhabitants. His earnest and emotional photos of the street scene in the city may not match our orthodox, tourist bureau view of … Continue reading

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Travel Trends 2012

I was intrigued by this very informative infographic on travel industry trends for 2012. One billion international traveler arrivals—wow that’s amazing ! And why doesn’t anyone want to vacation in Moldova or Tuvalu ? Take a look:

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Land of Dreams

In a public-private partnership between the U.S. government and the travel industry, this new $12.3 million ad campaign, called Land of Dreams, is about to be launched with distribution in Europe, Asia, South America and Canada over the coming months. … Continue reading

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