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Maps Too

The other day we shared a group of wonderful, whimsical original travel posters created by Toronto-based artist JazzberryBlue . Who knew that there was also a fantastic series of equally colorful and amazing abstract maps of the world’s great cities. … Continue reading

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Zoomable Maps

London-based designer Anne Stauche has created the brilliant map²—a series of paper maps inspired by the zoomable feature of digital maps. The cleverly designed versions of map² are pocket-sized paper maps that utilize a unique folding process to allow users … Continue reading

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Walking NYC by Map

Walking and using public transit are usually the best ways to get around most cities, but getting one’s bearings can be frustrating—especially in a new city. The New York City Department of Transportation really gets this and recently unveiled a … Continue reading

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How Do You See The World

Close your eyes and visualize a map of the world. Chances are that your personal world map is strongly influenced by your country of origin or your long term place of residence. In fact, New Yorker Benjamin Pollach has created … Continue reading

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Yes, We Love A Great Map

Marcus Kirby’s London-based cartography firm The Future Mapping Company is developing an international reputation among map geeks and travelers for exceptional maps based on bold color palettes and cutting edge design. This all makes us eagerly await the release next … Continue reading

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Geography Is Always In Fashion

We have featured diverse and miscellaneous maps and cartographic forms, but this is probably the most fashionable use of maps to date. London-based artist and designer Elisabeth Lecourt painstakingly created her marvelous series titled “Les robes géographiques” from prints of historical … Continue reading

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Play Literary Geography

Created in 1933 by cartographer Paul M. Paine, The Booklovers Map of America Showing Certain Landmarks of Literary Geography is a charming guide to many of our favorite literary places. Working during the 1920s and 1930s, Paine designed or co-designed  … Continue reading

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Cartography Can Be Fun

You won’t find any of these terrific, one-of-a-kind maps in a typical travel guidebook or in a travel magazine Many of these charming cartographical gems are created by professional artists or illustrators, but some of the most engaging maps are … Continue reading

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City Sculpture

If you check-in with Travel Between The Pages on a regular basis, then you are well aware of my life-long love of maps. So, it’s no surprise that I’m wowed by these amazing sculptural maps . London-born, Portland-based artist Matthew … Continue reading

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Is It Map Week ?

Naw, it’s not map week, but maps are… A schedule containing a description of the world, A representation of the whole globe of the earth, or of some particular country upon a plan, or plain superficies. A representation of the … Continue reading

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